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Adds a card to a Trello list for each commit pushed to GitHub, optionally limited to the master branch or by exclusion regex.
Install Notes
1. [Create a consumer token][create] authorizing GitHub to write to the Trello API.
2. Supply the list identifier for the list to be added to. Pull requests can optionally be added to a separate Trello list. You can get the lists for a board at this URL:
(To edit this URL for your Trello board, replace 'TOKEN' with the consumer token you created in step 1, and BOARDID with the ID of the Trello board that the list is on – the ID is the final section of the board's Trello URL.)
3. If you want to ignore commits with commit messages matching a particular regular expression (i.e. "Merge branch"), put the regex here.
4. If you want to create cards only for commits on the master branch, tick "Master Only."