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Install Notes
1. [Get an OAuth Token for Your Twitter Account][authorize_url].
2. You're going to be redirected to Twitter to allow GitHub to tweet on your behalf.
3. Be sure that you're logged in as the Twitter user you would like to tweet from.
Check "Digest" to send only the number of recent commits to a branch along with a link to that branches
commit list, instead of tweeting all commits individually with their message and direct link to each commit.
Check "Short format" to omit the repository and commiter's names from the tweet to get more
space for the commit message.
If you would like to only receive messages for a specific branch, add the name (or partial name) to
the "Filter branch" option. Otherwise, leave the field blank to receive messages for all branches.
[authorize_url]: <%= twitter_oauth_path(current_repository.user, current_repository) %>
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