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This service will connect to an XMPP MUC room with the provided details and then post a status update. It then immediately disconnects from the room.
## Configuration
1. **JID** - The JID (Jabber ID) with which to connect to the XMPP server
2. **Password** - Password
3. **Room** - The room you'd like to join
4. **Server** - The server in which the room lives
5. **Nickname** - The nickname that should be used (defaults to __github__)
6. **Room password** - The password (if required) to join the MUC room
7. **Restrict to Branch** - List of branches which will be inspected.
8. **Host** - If you need to set a custom host enter here, otherwise leave blank for DNS lookup.
9. **Port** - If ou need to use a custom port (default: 5222) enter value here.
### Options
1. **Active** - Master on/off switch
2. **Notify wiki** - Get notifications of wiki events
3. **Notify comments** - Get notifications of comments
4. **Notify watch** - Get notifictions of watch events
5. **Notify issues** - Get notifications on issues
6. **Notify pull requests** - Get notifications of pull requests
If you would like to only receive messages for a specific branch, add the name (or partial name) to
the "Restrict to Branch" option. Otherwise, leave the field blank to receive messages for all branches.
## Notes
You may wish to reserve the nickname for the user in question so that it will
always be able to connect to the room.
Note: This service currently enables all of the available hook events including
commit comments, downloads, forks, fork applies, wiki updates, issues, issue
comments, member adds, pull requests, pushes, and watches. However, not all
events are posted to the MUC room. If you would like these events supported
please raise an issue, or make a pull request!
A full list of events with descriptions can be found here: