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This service processes commit comments and pull request descriptions and searches for YouTrack issue id's and commands.
Commands are applied to issues, associated with commit or pull request.
1. YouTrack Requirements
- Requires YouTrack version 2.0 or above. YouTrack Energy EAP builds are
supported as well.
- Your YouTrack server should be accessible from the internet.
- REST API must be enabled in your YouTrack server. It can be set in YouTrack Settings menu.
- Committer's email addresses in GitHub and YouTrack should be the same.
YouTrack looks for user account of a committer by an email address, which the
commiter has registered in GitHub. If YouTrack doesn't find a user account with the
same email as committer's email, a command specified in commit's comment won't be applied.
2. Settings in GitHub
In the GitHub integration config, the following settings should be provided:
- Base url: YouTrack Server URL
- Committers: Name of a user group in YouTrack, in which YouTrack will search for committer's account.
- Username: Administrator's account (e.g. 'root' user or Admin role) credentials to access your YouTrack server.
- Branch: Branch names to track separated by space. If branches are provided, only commits to those branches will trigger
YouTrack commands and commits to others will be ignored. If the branch field is left empty, commits on any branch will trigger commands.
- Process distinct: If only distinct commits should be processed. If this setting is false, same commit may be processed several times
(for example, when branches are merged)
- Password: a password of YouTrack Username. Username should have Admin role.
* Additional Information
- [Introduction to invoke YouTrack commands by GitHub comments](
- [Official integration documentation](
- [Setup walkthrough video](
- [YouTrack commands grammar](
* Troubleshooting
- GitHub hook errors
- Authentication problem: You may have to regenerate token in `GibHub > Applications > Personal access tokens` menu and enter it at YouTrack project `settings > GitHub > Edit` menu.
- 400: Failed to parse YouTrack commands from GitHub commit comments. [Related answer](