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@@ -10,6 +10,6 @@ SqsQueue allows GitHub to send a notification to a queue inside your Amazon AWS
that has permissions to perform 'SendMessage' operations. (
2. Aws SQS ARN is the unique code SQS references your queue with. It can be copied from the console
- or fetched through the API. It takes the form of arn:aws:sqs:us-<region>-<dc>:<id>:<name>. Copy and
+ or fetched through the API. It takes the form of arn:aws:sqs:us-(region)-(dc):(id):(name). Copy and
paste the entire string. This hook parses the necessary details from the arn.
You may also specify a SQS Queue URL instead of an ARN if you want to use IAM or a Queue that was created using a different account.

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