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Enables you to run github-services using rackup or passenger for

The config file is basically a copy of the github-services.rb startup
script with some small modifications:

- Removed the HOSTNAME global since I didn't know what it was used for
- Removed the :run => true setting, I assume it's not needed when using
  rackup or Passenger
- Removed the checking of available servers, since I guess rackup will
  do that for you
- Changed the run call to be compatible with a file
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1 parent 5321fd2 commit c8ffa19fd7cd8dc7565a61a055a3e185b524a963 @sgronblo sgronblo committed Aug 25, 2011
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@@ -0,0 +1,7 @@
+require File.expand_path('../config/load', __FILE__)
+Service::App.set :environment => :production,
+ :port => ARGV.first || 8080,
+ :logging => true
+run Service::App

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