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IRC and voice #173

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Some IRC channels use the "voice" feature. When users join the channel, Chanserv gives them voice. For instance:

This happens automatically and for everybody (whether their nickname is registered with Nickserv or not).

When somebody spams or behave badly, rather than kicking/banning him, the operators can simply devoice him. When that happens, the user can continue to speak normally but nobody sees what he writes.

The Github IRC bot connects successfully, but immediately outputs its message.

As a result, it hasn't been voiced yet by Chanserv and nobody sees the message.

From a human perception, the voice is given almost "immediately" so that's not an issue with human users. For a bot though, it's just not immediate enough.

This is what happens:

I would recommend to add a new option, to implement a number of number of seconds or milliseconds that the bot waits after the join and prior to sending the message to the channel.

I hope this will be implemented. Thanks for your attention.

You can use our own channel for this if you want, we're on and our channel is #pimpmymint. Our ops are aware that tests are ongoing with github.

Clement Lefebvre
Linux Mint.


I could be mistaken, but this only matters if the channel mode +m is set?
Otherwise you would need no voice to be able to send a message to the channel.

If it's possible to check the channel modes, then in the case of +m simply wait till you get +v (or quit after a timeout).


This shouldn't be an issue anymore.

@atmos atmos closed this
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