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No webhook notification received for comments on lines of a pull request's diff #389

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Unsure if this is the correct project to report this on but it seems like a good start.

With a generic webhook configured like so:

curl -u :user -X POST -d '{ "name": "web", "config": { "url": ":url" }, "events": [ "commit_comment", "create", "delete", "download", "follow", "fork", "fork_apply", "gist", "gollum", "issue_comment", "issues", "member", "public", "pull_request", "push", "team_add", "watch" ] }'

I am not receiving any events when someone comments on a line of a diff in a pull request.

  1. Configure the hook on the parent repository
  2. Fork the repository
  3. Make some contrived changes to open a pull request from the fork to the parent
  4. Comment on the pull request as a whole, note you will correctly receive the issue_comment request
  5. Choose a line of the diff and comment on that, note you receive no event

Expected: received some sort of event such as issue_comment or commit_comment

My presumption is that this is some sort of repository–context issue since the diff is actually representing commits in the fork repo. I did try setting up the same hook for the fork repo but still received no notification.


Try adding pull_request_review_comment.


That did the trick, thanks. This may be a documentation issue then. I was using the following page as a list of events available via the hooks API:

But now I see there is another page with additional events:

If this isn't the right place to report that please feel free to close and point me in the right direction.

@atmos atmos closed this
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