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Merge SQS Queue and Amazon SNS services? #511

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Hi, we're planning on rolling out a new Services backend called "Hookshot". I'd like a sample repository with the SQS Queue and Amazon SNS services all configured. Now, I don't know how the two services work, or how they're related... but I see that AmazonSNS can create an SQS queue. You can either reply with the repository name that has SQS Queue or AmazonSNS, or email it to (and mention hookshot so it gets queued properly).

I'd like to cut down on duplicate services if possible. I'd also like to standardize on AWS access through the Ruby AWS SDK gem.

/cc github/hookshot#23 @nshiffert @Answashe


I'm not sure I understand what you are asking for. SNS is a notification service that will forward messages to a number of other endpoints (SMS, email, SQS, Custom URL, etc). The AmazonSNS github service takes an optional SQS queue name and, if present, the service will create the SQS queue and subscribe it to the SNS topic specified in the configuration.


@nshiffert is there a reason AmazonSNS hook has anything to do with SQS at all? As I understand, the whole point of having SNS is so that the notification publication is completely decoupled from notification subscribers.

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