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Test the MQTT hook with Hookshot #517

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Hi, we're planning on rolling out a new Services backend called "Hookshot". I'd like a sample repository with the MQTT service configured so that I can confirm the hook works before making Hookshot live. Just reply with the name of a Repository, or send it to (make sure to mention hookshot so it gets routed to the right place).


/cc github/hookshot#23 @franklovecchio



It's pretty simple to configure. I've setup my fork of github-services to publish on the configured topics below, and added you as a collaborator. Go ahead and update the README or something :)

Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 10 49 32 AM

If you'd like a simple way to test, use the WebSocket/MQTT bridge at mqtt.i0, making sure to subscribe on the specified topic github/franklovecchio/github-services.

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The websocket bridge says I need a client identifier. I did a test run of the hook. Did you get something?


Did you ever get around to this?


You know, I did, but I ran into issues I now can not remember. Sigh, too much to keep up with.

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I did a little poking around MQTT installs and things seem to be working OK. If they're not, feel free to open up another issue or contact :beers:

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