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Newer and better maintained Trac integration #794

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Currently, the blessed option for integrating GitHub with Trac is

However, that project isn't actively maintained and lacks tests. The README says:

I took this project over serveral years back, but have since moved away from using Trac.
I'll try to merge pull requests when I can, but I have ZERO tests for this module, use it with caution.

When we moved Django's source code to GitHub, github-trac simply wasn't sufficiently robust for us. I had to re-implement a plugin with similar features: My version has 100% test coverage, good documentation, and will be maintained for at least a few years as it's unlikely that Django will move off Trac anytime soon.

I'm finding it a bit unfortunate that you're directing people to an old and not very well maintained piece of software when there's a more modern alternative available. They're hitting problems and putting lots of work to solve problems that are already solved in trac-github. See davglass/github-trac#4 or davglass/github-trac#9 for example.

trac-github doesn't need any specific code. It works with GitHub's default Webhook format, and I updated it today to account for the new API. (Yay application/json!) I would recommend updating to link to and let users follow my README. I would remove the description of the commit message syntax from that file because it depends on a Trac component that isn't enabled by default. Better leave this to Trac's own documentation.

I raised this issue with your support team a few years ago but they never replied. I'm filing this ticket again because I'm not sure my first message got dispatched to the right team. If you aren't interested, simply close this ticket, I'll keep using trac-github happily for my projects and won't bother you again!


Thanks for reaching out @aaugustin. For the majority of our services, we rely on our community to keep them current, up to day, and full-featured. We don't use Trac so we can't dogfood the service and know what should/shouldn't work.

If you'd like to submit a PR for the changes you're mentioning, our team and the greater github-services community will definitely review it. We strongly prefer not to break existing implementations so as long as your PR won't do that it has a very good chance of getting merged in! :sparkles:


@kdaigle Thanks for the quick reply. I just submitted a documentation patch according to my proposal.

I understand that you cannot test each and every bug tracker. Hopefully some Trac users will chime in.


I also reached to the maintainer of github-trac and he deprecated his plugin:


That should make your decision easier ;-)

@kdaigle kdaigle closed this issue from a commit
@aaugustin aaugustin Update Trac instructions. Fix #794.
This commit doesn't touch trac.rb to avoid breaking existing installations of trac-github is recommended for new installations.
@kdaigle kdaigle closed this in b8c843e
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