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b2bbec6 @jaspervdj Add Haskell gitignore
jaspervdj authored
1 dist
95a7ec0 @chrisdone Added cabal-dev dir.
chrisdone authored
2 cabal-dev
b2bbec6 @jaspervdj Add Haskell gitignore
jaspervdj authored
3 *.o
4 *.hi
3400caa @joachifm Haskell.gitignore: ignore files produced by c2hs
joachifm authored
5 *.chi
6 *.chs.h
c87522b @jakubtuchol adding dynamically linked haskell libraries
jakubtuchol authored
7 *.dyn_o
8 *.dyn_hi
babb4fc @mlacorte Ignore HPC files generated by GHC
mlacorte authored
9 .hpc
4a71b5b @jkodumal Add .hsenv to .gitignore
jkodumal authored
10 .hsenv
40917a4 @vikraman Ignore files generated by cabal sandbox
vikraman authored
11 .cabal-sandbox/
12 cabal.sandbox.config
6205832 @bitemyapp Added Haskell GHC profiling related files
bitemyapp authored
13 *.prof
14 *.aux
15 *.hp
3d9c786 @cdepillabout Added .stack-work/ directory to Haskell .gitignore.
cdepillabout authored
16 .stack-work/
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