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Explanations for ignoring the cache directory

I wrote a more explanatory comment regarding the cache directory
and why it is ignored.
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jan0sch committed Nov 27, 2013
1 parent b34ccb3 commit 1c580917237baddaf69ec47cd231c04a0808e4ce
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@@ -1,7 +1,11 @@
## SugarCRM
# Ignore custom .htaccess stuff.
-# Ignore the cache directory completely. ATTENTION! This will break things!
+# Ignore the cache directory completely.
+# This will break the current behaviour. Which was often leading to
+# the misuse of the repository as backup replacement.
+# For development the cache directory can be safely ignored and
+# therefore it is ignored.
# Ignore some files and directories from the custom directory.

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