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# Local configuration file (sdk path, etc)
+# Eclipse project files

2 comments on commit 3ad9eda

This may be a silly question but how can I import a project into a new Eclipse workspace if the project files are not committed? If I add new source folders to the build path, how do I indicate that to the rest of my team?


allonhadaya replied Feb 2, 2013

As far as new workstations go, clone the repository and import the project as shown here.

As long as the new folders are in one of your current source folders, eclipse should pick it up when you refresh. For new source folders have your teammates add them manually. -- source

At the end of the day, pick whatever is best for your project and team. If you don't experience conflicts in the .project or .classpath between environments, feel free to remove those entries from your gitignore and push changes up. Otherwise you might have to pay the price by importing and maintaining file structure manually.

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