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checking in the node_modules dir is best practice for app developers

according to the community since recent changes.

by @mikeal
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I disagree with this article. I think, tat it' s better to keep an package.json file and lock dependencies versions there.


Agree with @ivanov-yordan


Agree with @wamatt and @ivanov-yordan as well. I prefer to use a package.json file.


Mike has a good point though, even while package.json can lock package modules versions it cannot lock those modules dependencies. That could turn out in a dependency nightmare in a production app.


In fact, these modules also have their own package.json files with locked dependencies versions.


but repository size ,in this case, could be about 4MB by just using, is that acceptable ? how to solve this problem?


A little bit old article
You can be sure that all of your dependencies have their own package.json files.

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