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tomafro added a note Nov 20, 2010

This might be a bit controversial. Some people like to commit database.yml and some don't. Whatever one's opinion on that file (I like to check it in), ignoring ALL .yml files is surely too broad. We have several (including sprockets.yml and cucumber.yml) that I think should be checked in.

Note to defunkt: Does this note go to the author, or just the committer?

seenmyfate added a note Nov 20, 2010

I always check in any .yml files as .yml.example, mainly because other developers may need/want to make changes to those files (even cucumber.yml). As I'll always generate production files with Capistrano when it comes to deploy time, I'm happier to ignore them and save someone overwriting my local configuration somewhere down the line. I guess it may not be for everyone, but that's my thinking behind ignoring all .yml files.

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