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Removed redundant ".directory" that was already covered by ".*".

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1 parent 4b6bf65 commit 91a1756d29131c38599af43e417b15a2340f7d6e @MaxNanasy MaxNanasy committed Jun 4, 2012
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-# KDE

5 comments on commit 91a1756

But what about

  • .htaccess
  • .htpasswd
  • .gitmodules

Maybe the user has to setup way too many exceptions...


MaxNanasy replied Feb 18, 2013

@andyhausmann I agree, but that's an argument to remove .* (which would require re-adding .directory, as well as anything else .* was intended to cover).

First of all, we should find out, what ".*" was intended to cover. I guess this isn't that much. What do you think?


MaxNanasy replied Feb 18, 2013

@andyhausmann I'm not the right person to ask that: Omar Vargas (commit author) or @defunkt (commit committer) would be (see 534d7da).

Thanks, you are right.

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