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[Objective-C] No longer ignore `xcworkspace` documents.

Workspaces are real documents that can be opened, just like `xcodeproj`
documents. These documents are also generated/used by CocoaPods to
configure a project’s dependencies. For these reasons, there does not
seem a good reason to ignore these any longer.
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1 parent f31b319 commit e54e1b752be884da98f05ab970ae26c9775f8b35 @alloy alloy committed Jan 15, 2013
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3 comments on commit e54e1b7

yas375 commented on e54e1b7 Jun 21, 2013



👍 Right!


Agree! I just changed my project to a workspace and was disappointed to see it in my (six month old) .gitignore. Good change here!

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