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head fork: d2s/gitignore
compare: master
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Commits on Apr 19, 2011
@nu7hatch nu7hatch Redis tmp files gitignore 65fedda
@damienalexandre damienalexandre Add ignore for Base classes from Doctrine and Propel ORM. 1f4ced6
@lucapette lucapette Jboss gitignore file bcf7b55
@koffeinfrei koffeinfrei c# projects: ignore user specific files, testresults and windows pict…
…ure index files
@ericmuyser ericmuyser Add LemonStand gitignore. 75479b6
@horndude77 horndude77 Add ignore file for lilypond. 34e5705
@rip747 rip747 add cfwheels gitignore e141036
@ahmedkotb ahmedkotb Add Tasm.gitignore b10d23c
@raphaelschaad raphaelschaad In Global/OSX.gitignore .DS_Store? didn't match .DS_Store (a question…
… mark (?) matches a single character).
@martinciu martinciu added pickle generated files 8eef00b
@Nooby Nooby Ignore Linux hidden files (.*) except .gitignore files. cf24f2e
@davidmpaz davidmpaz Added more rules to work as non core drupal developer
Only track folder: "sites" exluding the rules stated before.
This allow to track only custom modules/themes and/or 3th party
@iven iven Ignore vim session file. c62fe22
@stamm stamm Adding Yii ignores 6f2c793
@jdodds jdodds Add gitignore for qooxdoo apps 14de39e
@defunkt defunkt Add logs and

@oschrenk oschrenk Ignoring precompiled directory 902b679
Vitaly _Vi Shukela Add .gitignore for Leiningen projects b25fdba
@rsleggett rsleggett updated CSharp eb439d8
@mineiro mineiro Added .netwhist to vim list. 298330c
@russoz russoz added .build - used by Dist::Zilla
Signed-off-by: Alexei Znamensky <>
Commits on Jun 10, 2011
@d2s d2s Merged upstream master f350dd0
Commits on Oct 10, 2011
@d2s d2s Merge commit 'd168d1b616efbb76bc028da2ab19228ac69ca848'
* commit 'd168d1b616efbb76bc028da2ab19228ac69ca848':
  Add ".scala_dependencies" file generated by Scala-IDE
@d2s d2s Merge commit '3369c324ec9871c9a25501fc99b548c4fef38029'
* commit '3369c324ec9871c9a25501fc99b548c4fef38029':
  Improve NetBeans .gitignore rules
@d2s d2s Merge commit '48d3bbe6bbec8eb3526ade09e65ae79bf34d26ec'
* commit '48d3bbe6bbec8eb3526ade09e65ae79bf34d26ec':
  Edited Global/Eclipse.gitignore via GitHub
@d2s d2s Merge commit '85de979a0392a1df538976548c418d0a3b6b17af'
* commit '85de979a0392a1df538976548c418d0a3b6b17af':
  Remove "dangerous" OS X specific .gitignore rule
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