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mibe commented May 28, 2011

I removed the ReSharper entry in csharp.gitignore, because ReSharper is a add-in which runs in Visual Studio only, and is therefore C# independent. Furthermore I changed the backup entry of the project conversion wizard in VisualStudio.gitignore. It's possible to run that wizard multiple times resulting in more than one backup & logfile.

mibe added some commits May 27, 2011
@mibe mibe ReSharper is a add-in which works in Visual Studio only. It's already…
… in the VisualStudio gitignore file.
@mibe mibe Ignore multiple backup directories & logfiles from vsual studio's pro…
…ject conversion.

It is possible to run the project converter multiple times, which would generate new backup-directories (Backup1-Backupn) and logfiles (UpgradeLog2.XML-UpgradeLogn.XML)
@mibe mibe Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/upstream/master' 9dd829c
@defunkt defunkt merged commit c08b5ea into github:master Sep 1, 2011

Lame change.

mibe replied Mar 7, 2012

Would you mind telling why you think this is a lame change?

Many .NET developers all code with Resharper. Most do not configure R# to write to temp directories instead of project directories, I have seen many developers inadvertently commit resharper files to projects for years.

I would argue that Visual Studio and C# should be singular not separate files.

mibe replied Mar 8, 2012

There's also some discussion on this topic in #226.

@dotnetchris not if your building using mono or just msbuild/xbuild

@FredrikL there should be 1 to rule them all. If you would ever hit a scenario where a line isn't benefiting you personally, it's much easier to remove than to add all the things because you used the C# file and not the VS file, or the msbuild file and not the c# file. Fragmentation insanity.

mibe replied Apr 18, 2012

I created a new branch and tried to clean up the .NET chaos we currently have. Please have a look at my dotnet branch. Comments are welcome!

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