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Update CSharp.gitignore #226

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I suggest to put these things in the VisualStudio.gitignure under Global. Most entries do not come from C#, but from VisualStudio (like .suo 1) or an VS addon (like nuget 2).


i don't see how that is different from bin, obj, and TestResults.

bin and obj are not CSharp related, but instead are artifacts from msbuild. Using CSC directly would not inherently create these folders.

Same is true of TestResults, except it would be msbuild invoking mstest instead of msbuild invoking CSC.

The decision for which goes where seems arbitrary.


You're right, the bin and obj would be better placed in a seperate msbuild.gitignore file.

Do you know of any language-specific ignorable C# files? If not, maybe the best thing is to completely remove the CSharp.gitignore file.


I do not know of any.

Maybe CSharp.gitignore should be empty with a comment to checkout msbuild.gitignore and VisualStudio.gitignore?


Sounds good to me.


+1 remove this file - can someone do that? Thanks!

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@mibe mibe First try to clean up the files for the .NET system.
CSharp.gitignore & VB.NET.gitignore were merged into msbuild.gitignore and VisualStudio.gitignore. The two files now contain a note to better use the msbuild and VisualStudio file. See also the discussion in the pull requests #163 and #226. Comments are greatly appreciated!
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Commits on Dec 7, 2011
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    Update CSharp.gitignore

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14 CSharp.gitignore
@@ -3,4 +3,16 @@ bin
# mstest test results
+# user specific stuff
+# nuget packages
+# utilities create backup files
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