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[Python] Remove rules for bin/, Mr Developer, and Rope #958

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I presume bin/ was initially ignored based on the project layout dictated by some packaging tool, however not all python projects use these layouts. bin/ is normally for executables, so ignoring it by default seems like a bad idea.

As for Mr Developer and Rope: I don't know that they are particularly widespread tools and even if they were, the rules here look suspiciously like those IDE project files that people like to ignore but really shouldn't.


Since nobody has objected to this so far, I'll go ahead and merge. I acknowledge that something still needs to be done to address the use-case of buildout, but I'll defer that to #955.

@arcresu arcresu merged commit 479b7f8 into github:master
@arcresu arcresu deleted the arcresu:python-bin branch

What was the reason for removing bin/ ? In projects that use buildout that is a quite common directory to ignore

In addition, this means that VirtualEnv stuff isn't ignored.

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# Translations
-# Mr Developer
-# Rope
# Django stuff:
# Sphinx documentation
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