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Adding the EiffelStudio .gitingore file. #963

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EiffelStudio is a framework, toolchain and editor to develop application using the Eiffel language.



When an Eiffel project is compile with the EiffelStudio compiler, every generated files are put in the "EIFGENs" directory. So this is the directory to ignore.

If you have any question, don't hesitate to ask.


Thanks for this! We keep IDE-specific templates under Global/ since they are better suited for a global gitingore than a project-specific one in most cases. Once you move it there we can get this merged.


In fact, EiffelStudio is more like a complete toolchain containing a compiler (command line), a debugger (command line) and so forth. It also contain libraries and an IDE. It is exactly like Delphi or VisualStudio. I see that Delphi and VisualStudio are not in the Global directory. Knowing this, do you still want me to put the "EiffelStudio.gitignore" in the Global directory? If so, I will move it.


Well the question to consider is: for an Eiffel project, is it very probable that most independent collaborators would be using EiffelStudio? If the answer is yes, then it would make sense to have the template at the project level, but if the answer is no then it belongs at the global level for those developers who use EiffelStudio.


I do think that EiffelStudio is the most popular of the Eiffel language compiler. I know that the LibertyEiffel compiler is gaining popularity, but I don't think it will gain more popularity than EiffelStudio soon. But of course, this is from my own observation.


Well I think I would prefer it in Global/ since it's not clear that there's strong enough coupling between the Eiffel projects and the particular compiler used.


Good, I will move it immediately.


Thanks :sparkles:

@arcresu arcresu merged commit 69b99dd into github:master
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