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Added gitignore for Sencha ExtJS,

ExtJS is a complete web app JavaScript Framework.

@DenJohX DenJohX ExtJS JavaScript Framework gitignore
Added gitignore for Sencha ExtJS, a complete web app framework

Thanks for this. I think that the comment in the template is too long and confusing; the fact that a file is used for development doesn't have much to do with whether it should be version controlled, but an automatically generated file should be ignored.

Are these bootstrap files generated at the top level of the project? I can think of another bootstrap.js which might clash elsewhere in a project, so you could perhaps change your rules to /bootstrap.js and /bootstrap.css. Or are these rules actually for bootstrap the UI framework after all, as opposed to the common sense of the word?

Is there any documentation on the type of files that should be ignored for ExtJS? Or examples of gitignores from real-life repos? These would help to demonstrate that the rules are useful.


In development, ExtJS uses bootstrap.js (not the ui framework) for dynamic loading of .js modules that are later concatenated and minified for production.

Those bootstrap files are auto-generated every time you build or refresh the app via the sencha cmd utility http://www.sencha.com/products/sencha-cmd/download , and you shuld refresh your project every time you add or remove a file (that usually happens on git operations).

Here is an example of the file: https://github.com/loiane/sencha-extjs4-examples-architect/blob/master/ExtJS4DesktopMVC/bootstrap.js ,

If the bootstrap files are generated on top level or not, depends on the developer, as sencha cmd can generate single [1] or multi-page [2] projects

ExtJS has its own templates and themes, it can be combined with other ui libraries, but with heavy tweaking, as it has its very own, very integrated, set of widgets.

[1] http://docs.sencha.com/extjs/4.2.2/#!/guide/command_app
[2] http://docs.sencha.com/extjs/4.2.2/#!/guide/command_workspace


Thanks for clarifying about the bootstrap files. Judging by that example repository, it looks like bootstrap.json should also be ignored as part of the build process? What about .sencha? And where is the Sass cache directory?

The example you provided doesn't contain a .gitignore; can you find any examples of .gitignore files in real ExtJS projects? It's hard to judge if the template you've proposed is reasonable without any documentation or examples as reference.


bootstrap.json is generated only once, at project start, and necessary for extjs. Its the same with .sencha, wich hosts the configurations for the build proccess, themes, etc.

As part of the build proccess, sencha cmd invokes sass in a temp directory, wich is auto-cleaned after build, and moves all the neccesary generated files to build directory (already ignored). So no need to igonre .sass-cache

Unfortunatedly, there is not a complete extjs project in github to show you. It seems that everyone develop ext on private repositories and just publish spare custom widgets or modules.

I'm willing to this gitignore to be useful for MVC ExtJS pattern (complete extjs projects, creted and managed with sencha cmd). And by my experience, those are the only necessary files to ignore.

Perhaps the comment is kinda confuse, I will try to edit it for better understanding.


It should be cleaner now, I also changed the file name to be consise with the focus of this gitignore.

ExtJS can be used outside of a MVC project, and it has to ignore much more files, dependant on the structure created by the developer.


Thanks for fixing this, and sorry I forgot about it! I'm happy with the contents of the template now, but none of the other templates have a space in their name; can you get rid of the space? Then we can merge.

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I renamed the file and merged. Thanks!


I'd completely forgot about this!, Thanks @arcresu

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