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Expand list of root-of-volume dotfiles

In addition to `.Spotlight-V100` and `.Trashes`, the following dotfiles
may appear at the root of all OSX volumes (not just external disks):

- `.DocumentRevisions-V100`: auto-save and versions storage
- `.fseventsd`: file system event storage
- `.Temporaryitems`: temp directory used by some applications instead of
                     /tmp and /var/tmp
- `.VolumeIcon.icns`: storage of custom icon for volume, if set
latest commit 8478c871f3
William West occidens authored
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Anjuta.gitignore Ignore the symbole database which is a generated binary file.
Archives.gitignore add Windows Installer files
BricxCC.gitignore Add comment to BricxCC.gitignore
CVS.gitignore ensure single trailing newline
Cloud9.gitignore Update Cloud9.gitignore
CodeKit.gitignore Create CodeKit.gitignore
DartEditor.gitignore Move editor specific files into a new DartEditor.gitignore
Dreamweaver.gitignore DW Dreamweaver added files
Eclipse.gitignore Added Eclipse JDT .classpath file, and the Eclipse core .project file to
EiffelStudio.gitignore Move the EiffelStudio.gitignore in the Global directory
Emacs.gitignore Adding .cask directory to Global/Emacs.gitignore
Ensime.gitignore ensure single trailing newline
Espresso.gitignore ensure single trailing newline
FlexBuilder.gitignore Added bin-release folder
IPythonNotebook.gitignore Remove stray whitespace
JDeveloper.gitignore doc JDeveloper.gitignore
JetBrains.gitignore Merge pull request #1232 from thunsaker/patch-1
KDevelop4.gitignore adding global gitignore for KDevelop4
Kate.gitignore Added Kate ignore file
Lazarus.gitignore Update Lazarus.gitignore
LibreOffice.gitignore Move LibreOffice.gitignore to /Global
Linux.gitignore add .Trash-* to ignore Linux partition or ext disk trash folders
LyX.gitignore Create LyX.gitignore
Matlab.gitignore ensure single trailing newline
Mercurial.gitignore Added newline in order to allow multiple adds of
MicrosoftOffice.gitignore Create MicrosoftOffice
ModelSim.gitignore added initial version of ModelSim.gitignore
Momentics.gitignore Add user-specific settings to Momentics.gitignore
MonoDevelop.gitignore Added support for MonoDevelop .gitignore
NetBeans.gitignore Added missing gradle netbeans directory
Ninja.gitignore Make ninja a global template.
NotepadPP.gitignore ensure single trailing newline
OSX.gitignore Expand list of root-of-volume dotfiles READMEs and globals and you
Redcar.gitignore Masking Redcar project files.
Redis.gitignore Add a global redis ignore file.
SBT.gitignore Fix URL in SBT template
SVN.gitignore Ignore all the .svn folders.
SlickEdit.gitignore ensure single trailing newline
SublimeText.gitignore Remove *.pyc
SynopsysVCS.gitignore Moving SynopsysVCS.gitignore into Global/.
Tags.gitignore Ignores for gtags and cscope added.
TextMate.gitignore add "*.tmproject" to ignore list
TortoiseGit.gitignore Create TortoiseGit.gitignore
Vagrant.gitignore Allow the Vagrantfile to be tracked as that's the intended purpose.
Vim.gitignore Capitalise initial letter in template filenames for consistency/sorting
VirtualEnv.gitignore Ignore the pip self check marker file in a Virtualenv.
WebMethods.gitignore Capitalise initial letter in template filenames for consistency/sorting
Windows.gitignore add shortcut files
Xcode.gitignore Ignore xcuserstate
XilinxISE.gitignore Added Xilinx ISE gitignore

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