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body {
font: 100% Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;
background: #ced0d8;
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font: 100% -apple-system, Segoe UI, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;
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color: rgb(35, 101, 166);

header {
background: #ced0d8;
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width: 100%;
text-align: center;
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h1 {
font: 400 1.3em "Futura", "Lucida Grande", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;
font: 400 1.3em Futura, Lucida Grande, -apple-system, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;
text-transform: uppercase;
color: white;
text-shadow: rgba(0,0,0,.7) 1px 1px 2px;
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line-height: 1.2;
float: left;
width: 75%;
width: 90%;

h1 a {
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.man {
text-align: right;
float: right;
width: 25%;
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color: gray;
text-transform: lowercase;
font-size: .9em;

.footer {
footer {
text-shadow: rgba(255,255,255,.8) 0 1px 0;

h2 {
margin: 1em 0 0em 0;
margin: 0;
color: #444;

p code,
.man a,
pre {
font: 15px Monaco, Courier, monospace;
font-weight: 600;
font-family: SFMono-Regular, Consolas, Liberation Mono, Menlo, Courier, monospace;

section {
max-width: 100ex;
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line-height: 1.5;

section > *:first-child {
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section p {
font-size: 1.1em;
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font-style: normal;
background: #fcf4c1;
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border-radius: 3px;

pre {
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padding-top: 1em;
line-height: 1.5;
background: #222;
border-radius: 5px;
padding: 1em 1.5em;
color: white;

pre .comment {
color: #969896;
font: italic 1.2em "Hoefler Text", "Times New Roman", "Georgia", serif;
line-height: 1.4;
white-space: pre-wrap;

pre .comment .hidden {
color: white;
color: #222;

pre .result {
color: #777;
font-style: italic;
margin-left: 1em;

pre strong {
color: #894400;
font-weight: 600;
color: #dada82;
font-weight: 400;

.footer {
footer {
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margin-top: 15px;
color: gray;
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.man {
h1 {
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.man {
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h1 a {
display: block;
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section p em {
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pre {
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<h1><a href="">hub</a> makes git better with GitHub</h1>

<p class="man">Documentation: <a href="hub.1.html">man hub</a></p>
<h1><a href="">hub</a>: use GitHub from the command-line</h1>

<section id=install>
<strong>hub</strong> is a command-line wrapper for git that makes you
<em>better at GitHub</em>.
<strong>hub</strong> is <em>an extension to command-line git</em> that
helps you do everyday GitHub tasks without ever leaving the terminal.
<p>Read the full documentation: <a href="hub.1.html">man hub</a>, or
visit this project <a href="">on GitHub</a>.</p>

<pre><span class="comment"># macOS: install the latest release</span>
$ <a href="">brew</a> install hub

<span class="comment"># Other platforms: fetch a <a href="">precompiled binary release</a>, or <a href="">build your own from source</a>.</span>

<span class="comment"># alias it as git</span>
$ alias <strong>git=hub</strong>
<span class="comment"># Other platforms: fetch a <a href="">precompiled binary release</a>, or
# <a href="">build your own from source</a>.</span>

$ git version
git version 2.17.0
hub version 2.3.0 <span class="comment"><span class="hidden">#</span> ← it works!</span>
$ hub version
git version 2.20.1
hub version 2.7.0 <span class="comment"><span class="hidden">#</span> ← it works!</span>

@@ -275,44 +251,63 @@ <h2>As a contributor to open-source</h2>

<span class="comment"># clone your own project</span>
$ git <strong>clone dotfiles</strong>
$ <strong>hub clone</strong> dotfiles
<span class="result">→ git clone git://</span>

<span class="comment"># clone another project</span>
$ git <strong>clone github/hub</strong>
$ <strong>hub clone</strong> github/hub
<span class="result">→ git clone git://</span>

<span class="comment"># open the current project's issues page</span>
$ git <strong>browse -- issues</strong>
$ <strong>hub browse</strong> -- issues
<span class="result">→ open</span>

<span class="comment"># open another project's wiki</span>
$ git <strong>browse mojombo/jekyll wiki</strong>
$ <strong>hub browse</strong> mojombo/jekyll wiki
<span class="result">→ open</span>

<span class="comment"># Example workflow for contributing to a project:</span>
$ git clone github/hub
$ hub clone github/hub
$ cd hub
<span class="comment"># create a topic branch</span>
$ git checkout -b feature
( making changes ... )
<span class="comment"># make some changes...</span>
$ git commit -m "done with feature"

<span class="comment"># It's time to fork the repo!</span>
$ git <strong>fork</strong>
$ <strong>hub fork</strong> --remote-name=origin
<span class="result">→ (forking repo on GitHub...)</span>
<span class="result">→ git remote add YOUR_USER git://</span>
<span class="result">→ git remote add origin</span>

<span class="comment"># push the changes to your new remote</span>
$ git push YOUR_USER feature
$ git push origin feature
<span class="comment"># open a pull request for the topic branch you've just pushed</span>
$ git <strong>pull-request</strong>
$ <strong>hub pull-request</strong>
<span class="result">→ (opens a text editor for your pull request message)</span>

<section id=scripting>
<h2>As someone who loves automation</h2>
<em>Scripting your workflows</em> is much easier now that you can <em>list and create</em>
issues, pull requests, and GitHub releases.

<span class="comment"># List issues assigned to you that are labeled "urgent"</span>
$ <strong>hub issue</strong> -a YOUR_USER -l urgent

<span class="comment"># List the URLs of at most 20 PRs based on "develop" branch:</span>
$ <strong>hub pr list</strong> -L 20 -b develop --format='%t [%H] | %U%n'

<span class="comment"># Create a GitHub release with notes from a file and copy the URL to clipboard:</span>
$ <strong>hub release create</strong> -c -F release-notes.txt v2.3.0

<section id=maintainer>
<h2>As an open-source maintainer</h2>
@@ -323,31 +318,31 @@ <h2>As an open-source maintainer</h2>

<span class="comment"># fetch from multiple trusted forks, even if they don't yet exist as remotes</span>
$ git <strong>fetch mislav,cehoffman</strong>
$ <strong>hub fetch</strong> mislav,cehoffman
<span class="result">→ git remote add mislav git://</span>
<span class="result">→ git remote add cehoffman git://</span>
<span class="result">→ git fetch --multiple mislav cehoffman</span>

<span class="comment"># check out a pull request for review</span>
$ git <strong>checkout</strong>
$ <strong>hub pr checkout</strong> 134
<span class="result">→ (creates a new branch with the contents of the pull request)</span>

<span class="comment"># directly apply all commits from a pull request to the current branch</span>
$ git <strong>am -3</strong>
$ <strong>hub am -3</strong>

<span class="comment"># cherry-pick a GitHub URL</span>
$ git <strong>cherry-pick</strong>
$ <strong>hub cherry-pick</strong>

<span class="comment"># open the GitHub compare view between two releases</span>
$ git <strong>compare v0.9..v1.0</strong>
$ <strong>hub compare</strong> v0.9..v1.0

<span class="comment"># put compare URL for a topic branch to clipboard</span>
$ git <strong>compare -u feature | pbcopy</strong>
$ <strong>hub compare -u</strong> feature | pbcopy

<span class="comment"># create a repo for a new project</span>
$ git init
$ git add . &amp;&amp; git commit -m "It begins."
$ git <strong>create -d "My new thing"</strong>
$ <strong>hub create</strong> -d "My new thing"
<span class="result">→ (creates a new project on GitHub with the name of current directory)</span>
$ git push origin master
@@ -363,22 +358,21 @@ <h2>Using GitHub for work</h2>

<span class="comment"># whitelist your GitHub Enterprise hostname</span>
$ git config --global --add <strong></strong>
$ git config --global --add <strong></strong>

<span class="comment"># open a pull request using a message generated from script, then put its URL to the clipboard</span>
$ git push origin feature
$ git <strong>pull-request -c -F</strong>
$ <strong>hub pull-request</strong> -c -F
<span class="result">→ (URL ready for pasting in a chat room)</span>

<span class="comment"># push to multiple remotes</span>
$ git <strong>push production,staging</strong>
$ <strong>hub push</strong> production,staging

<p class=footer>
Found a bug, have an idea? Contribute to
<a href="">this project on GitHub</a>.
<p>made with &lt;3 at GitHub</p>

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