List of features for the next big release #1232

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mislav commented Aug 17, 2016 edited

Here's what I want in hub 2.3.0 (we could even tag it 3.0.0, considering the volume of changes):

  • improve help system by splitting into individual man pages #1087
    • tweak release process to auto-build and package man pages
  • release command graduated from beta #1095
  • issue command graduated from beta #1099
    • make an equivalent command to list pull requests #1303
    • add missing filtering and sorting options to issue listing #1234
    • add an option to limit the number of results
    • add ability to list issues/pulls a la Dashboard, i.e. across a whole org, or all belonging to you #1224
    • add caching locally and fetch only records updated since last cache
  • improve detecting of pull-request head & base #461 #877 #814 #1239
    • better handling of unpushed branches #1130
    • option to auto-push changes to a remote before opening the PR #165
    • option to create the PR using the web interface #1005 #688
    • improve support for forks named differently than parent repo
  • enable passing milestone title instead of number to issue create, pull-request #1089
  • commands that output a URL of created resource (pull-request, issue create, release create) should have an option to copy the URL to clipboard #1111 #182 #1264
  • add support for issue/PR templates #1187 #1145 #1118 #937
    • add support for interactively editing a template file passed in using -F #924
    • prepare pull request message hook #1179 #1174
  • dedicated command for authentication & configuration #225 #992
    • add system for per-command default configuration #964 #1194 #720
    • enable passing in Personal Access token, mostly for GHE users who don't have the option to authenticate using username/password
    • retire git config --get-all configuration
    • add global --repo OWNER/NAME argument that lets you perform operations a repo other than the directory you're currently in
    • add global --host HOST argument that changes the default host and eliminate the interactive host picker #1184
    • add support for XDG Base Directory spec #1061
  • retire browse command in favor of open command that takes one argument and automatically figures out whether it's a branch, commit, subpage, or other kind of resource to navigate to #382 #1112 #1107 #897 #782 #723 #602
  • reimplement checkout command to fetch refs/pull/XY/head instead of adding a git remote #1069 #1206 #1133 #1236 #1235
  • improve upstream vs origin remote naming in clone, fork, etc. #798 #811 #1271
    • add fork option to provide custom remote name #762
    • add fork option to provide custom name for new repo #697
  • improve create ORG/NAME by requesting a team name to create the repo under if necessary #431
    • optional org argument to create#1408
    • optional org argument to fork #505
  • implement sync command #906 #618
  • new search command? #833
  • low-level api command for manual API access #1407
  • add option to open failing ci-status check in browser #449

The new --format option is pretty rad:

screen shot 2016-08-16 at 6 21 37 pm

DanyC97 commented Jan 13, 2017

great work @mislav !! any rough timeline when you planning to finish release the above goodies ?

mislav commented Jan 14, 2017

@DanyC97 All from the above list won't all make it to the very next release, but I'm planning to release 2.3.0 this month. Check out the existing prerelease builds in the Releases section.

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