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Add fork browsing commands #287

ProLoser opened this Issue · 5 comments

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It would be REALLY nice if I didn't have to manually go find user's forks for open PRs. Like, if I could browse a list of open PRs, and with a simply command add that guy's fork as a remote so that I can easily do git pull or something of that nature?


doesn't hub fetch <username> do exactly what you're looking for?


I just want to do something like git pull user/fork branch

  • Let's assume you have a repo foo/bar.
  • You have aliased hub to git
  • User baz forks your repo and makes branch quux and do a PR
  • You git fetch baz
  • And then git checkout baz/quux

You'd like a command to combine these 2 steps?


You can check out a pull request URL:

hub checkout <pull-request-url>

Closing this as duplicate since listing open pull requests is planned in #351 and after you will have the list of pulls, you will be able to checkout them using existing commands.

@mislav mislav closed this
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