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Permit the assigning of a user #371

frankshearar opened this Issue · 9 comments

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Often I want to create an issue and assign it to someone. At the moment that means that I develop some branch, turn it into a PR with hub, go to the issue on GitHub, and assign the issue.

Having something like hub pull-request <stuff> -u frankshearar would make this workflow much smoother.




Looking at the github api docs, "Create Pull request" does not seem to provide an option to do this:, neither does Edit a Pull Request. However, it may be possible to use the Edit Issue endpoint to update the pull-request as I believe issue and pull-requests are somewhat the same.

If that is the case, I presume hub will need to do a second request after creating the pull-request?


I submitted a PR to this end: #393

I'm happy for feedback.


Vote for this one

@mislav mislav added the feature label


Anyone working on this, or would a PR be appreciated?


Should this be reopened ? As far as I understood #393 was trashed because the ruby impl has been replaced by the Go implementation, but I don't see any other tracking issue.


@mmikulicic This tracking issue was never closed.


@mislav oops, I guess I got misled by the red "Closed" badge but that was about a related PR.

@mislav mislav closed this in cdc37ec
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