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New command: delete #494

ivantsepp opened this Issue Feb 21, 2014 · 8 comments

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@mlang raised a good point at the end of his blog post about not being able to delete a fork.

What are your thoughts about this command delete? I see it useful in cases where I make a quick pull-request and then don't want to clutter my repos so I want to delete it right away. We could replicate the web interface by asking the user to type the name of the repo to confirm deletion. (We can also go a step further and only delete the repository if it's a fork?)

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mislav commented Feb 21, 2014

It could be useful, for instance to undo a create command. But on the other hand I also don't think it would be used much, so I'm not sure if we would maintain it. Also, deleting forks after putting up a pull request is dangerous since I don't think someone can merge that PR if you deleted the fork where it was coming from.

I'd rather create a plugin arhitecture to enable adding such commands to your environment without adding them to hub core.


:+1: to a plugin architecture!!

(I think you can still merge a PR if the fork is deleted since those PR's are stashed in the main repo but I could be wrong :satisfied:)


I could confirm PRs could be merged if the branch on the fork is deleted. Not sure if the whole repo is deleted.

mlang commented Feb 21, 2014

I can confirm that deleting a fork does not cancel or break a Pull Request. Here is an example.

@mislav mislav added the feature label Dec 24, 2014

Any progress on this feature request?

mlang commented Feb 4, 2016
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mislav commented Feb 4, 2016

@mlang I wasn't aware of a PR to implement this submitted by you; sorry if I missed it.

There's not progress on this feature request because it's not a burning issue for us right now. The next release of hub will focus on improving release, issue, pull-request and browse commands. We'll be careful about adding new commands in the future and will only consider ones that we predict to be having high usage.

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