@mislav mislav released this Jul 7, 2018 · 4 commits to master since this release

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  • Do not pass `--cmd' to vi editor to ensure compatibility with older vi
  • Simplify cherry-picking commits from pull request URLs
  • Allow single-character branches/tag names in hub compare
  • Fix hub compare for Enterprise when <USER> is specified
  • Support remote add -t BRANCH argument
  • Bash shell completion fixes for git 2.18
  • Documentation fixes

@mislav mislav released this Jun 7, 2018 · 47 commits to master since this release

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  • hub delete [<OWNER>/]<REPO>

  • Add hub compare --copy flag

  • Add hub release --format=<FORMAT> option

  • Add hub pull-request --no-edit flag

  • When checking out a pull request, ensure that git pushwith no arguments works

  • Support XDG Base Directory Specification


  • Enable hub pr list -h <BRANCH> when owner isn't specified

  • Include docs/ in list of locations to look up pull request and issue templates in

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This is a long-awaited release of hub with an abudance of new features. Thank you everyone for testing out prereleases, reporting bugs, and submitting pull requests! The work of 76 contributors went into this release.

To upgrade hub on macOS, run brew upgrade hub. Alternatively, you can download one of the provided precompiled binaries. See other installation methods.

New commands

  • hub issue: list and create issues and labels

    Usage: hub issue [-a <ASSIGNEE>] [-c <CREATOR>] [-@ <USER>] [-s <STATE>] [-f <FORMAT>] [-M <MILESTONE>] [-l <LABELS>] [-d <DATE>] [-o <SORT_KEY> [-^]] [-L <LIMIT>]
           hub issue create [-oc] [-m <MESSAGE>|-F <FILE>] [-a <USERS>] [-M <MILESTONE>] [-l <LABELS>]
           hub issue labels [--color]
  • hub pr list: list pull requests for the current repository

  • hub pr checkout <NUMBER>: checkout a pull request by its number

  • hub release: list, create, edit, and delete releases and attachments

    Usage: hub release [--include-drafts] [--exclude-prereleases] [-L <LIMIT>]
           hub release show <TAG>
           hub release create [-dpoc] [-a <FILE>] [-m <MESSAGE>|-F <FILE>] [-t <TARGET>] <TAG>
           hub release edit [<options>] <TAG>
           hub release delete <TAG>
  • hub sync: fetch updates from remote repository and sync all local branches to their upstream equivalents, purging merged ones

    hub sync example

Improved commands

  • hub pull-request now has the ability to set assignees, labels, reviewers, and milestones.

    Usage: hub pull-request [-focp] [-b <BASE>] [-h <HEAD>] [-r <REVIEWERS> ] [-a <ASSIGNEES>] [-M <MILESTONE>] [-l <LABELS>]
           hub pull-request -m <MESSAGE>
           hub pull-request -F <FILE> [--edit]
           hub pull-request -i <ISSUE>
  • hub pull-request and hub issue create now support pull request and issue templates.

  • Commands that print the resulting URL, such as hub pull-request or hub create, now accept --copy to put the URL to the system clipboard instead.

  • hub pull-request --push pushes the head branch to the remote before opening the pull request.

  • hub pull-request now strips away the Signed-off-by line and the commit signature when generating the default pull request message.

  • Commands that take input via -m or -F arguments now also respect --edit to additionally edit the text in a text editor before submitting.

  • Support core.commentchar=auto git configuration when editing pull request/issue/release message in a text editor.

  • Support /OWNER/REPO/pull/XYZ/commits/SHA format of URLs as argument to cherry-pick, am, and apply.

  • Commands such as cherry-pick, merge <PR-URL>, and checkout <PR-URL> don't leave leftover git remotes anymore.

  • New hub compare -b BASE flag.

  • New hub fork --org=ORGANIZATION flag.

  • New hub fork --remote-name=NAME flag to configure the new git remote.

  • New, manpage-based help system; see hub help hub and hub help hub-<command>.

  • Added fish shell completion script.

  • When prompted to authenticate with username/password, pasting a Personal Access Token now works just as well instead of the password.


@mislav mislav released this Jun 26, 2017 · 252 commits to master since this release

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  • Add hub release --exclude-prereleases
  • Add hub fork --remote-name=NAME
  • Add hub pr checkout 123 as alternative to hub checkout https://github.com/OWNER/REPO/pull/123
  • Add hub pull-request -r PERSON1,PERSON2 to request reviewers
  • Avoid warning message from vim when stdin was piped to hub pull-request or hub issue create
  • Fix crash in WorkdirName when within bare git repo
  • Fix git --(exec|html|man|info)-path
  • Show hub version even if git version fails

@mislav mislav released this Feb 15, 2017 · 328 commits to master since this release

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  • Add hub pull-request --push
  • Add hub issue --include-pulls
  • Add hub fork --org=ORGANIZATION parameter
  • Set upstream merge configuration on hub checkout <PR-URL>
  • Add clipboard copy -c to browse command
  • Add fish shell completion script


  • vim: use --cmd instead of -c to set default filetype
  • Check if config location is writeable before authenticating
  • Do not expand aliases which are in-built git and hub commands
  • Fix issue & pull request template lookup when in a local subdirectory

@mislav mislav released this Oct 3, 2016 · 379 commits to master since this release

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Same fixes as in v2.2.9, plus:

  • New hub sync command to fetch from remote and update or prune local branches


  • Add sorting options to hub issue

    $ hub issue --sort comments --sort-ascending
  • Support PR commit URLs in cherry-pick

Check out the roadmap of new features in the next big release of hub.

Other tweaks:

  • Avoid leaving git remotes after hub cherry-pick
  • Improve hub merge to not generate leftover remote refs
  • Reuse existing git remote for PR head in checkout
  • Fix checkout for unavailable fork
Oct 3, 2016
hub 2.3.0-pre7

@mislav mislav released this Sep 11, 2016 · 409 commits to master since this release

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Same fixes as in 2.2.7, plus:

  • Rename the release create --commitish shorthand from -c to -t
  • Change hub create to output the URL of the new repository
  • Copy to clipboard flag for create, issue create, pull-request, release create
  • Fix 2FA prompt alignment in the terminal