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  • Ensure man pages are shown at full width

  • Fix subject in ci-status docs

  • Indicate in docs that you can do plain git push after hub pr checkout #2467

  • Fix using hub inside git worktree #2489

  • Put Windows help files in the correct location #2455

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  • New command: hub issue update #2432

  • New command: hub issue transfer #2363

  • Support git flag hub version --build-options #2440

  • Refuse to follow HTTP 301/302 redirects for non-GET requests #2442


  • Fix hub help <cmd> on Windows #2384

  • Ensure that grep command is being used in shell completions #2390

  • Consult global git config color.ui setting when --color=auto #2378


  • Print more user-friendly HTTP 40x errors #2446

  • Enable debugging file uploads via HUB_VERBOSE=1 hub release create -a <file>

  • Improve parsing malformed YAML config files #2380

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  • New command: hub gist

  • Add git pr show --format=... flag

  • Add hub api --obey-ratelimit flag

  • hub help: support compressed man pages

  • Add hub release download --include=PATTERN flag

  • hub help: Enable hub help --web <command>

  • hub release: Retry attaching release assets on 5xx server errors

  • hub pr checkout fixes

    • handle case when the PR given matches the current branch
    • avoid overriding existing branch merge config
  • hub release: Fail fast when attempting to attach unavailable files

  • Honor HTTPS_PROXY, NO_PROXY environment variables

  • Strip "co-authored-by" lines when populating PR body from git log

  • git compatibility: have hub <cmd> --help open the man page

  • hub fork bash completion improvements

  • hub pr fish completion improvements

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  • hub compare: improve upstream branch detection & error messages

  • hub compare: allow slash character in branch names

  • hub api: fix GraphQL requests made to Enterprise hosts

  • Docs: clarify --message, --file, and --edit flags

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  • Correctly resolve ~/.ssh/config hostname aliases on Windows

  • Added hub pr to fish completions script

  • Have fish completions script wrap git if hub is aliased

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Bug fixes

  • Fix invocation of hub --paginate

  • Consistently expand all occurrences of {owner} and {repo} in hub api

  • Docs: unlist %NC/%Nc among available fields in hub pr list --format


  • GitHub Actions compatibility: infer GITHUB_USER value from GITHUB_REPOSITORY if available

  • Handle TERM signal during password prompt in terminal

  • Use consistent quote style in hub sync output

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  • Allow hub use within GitHub Actions by specifying GITHUB_USER #2149

  • Show friendlier error message when GITHUB_TOKEN is set, but fetching the current user fails