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hub 1.11 – codename “What Was Missing”

@mislav mislav released this
· 2628 commits to master since this release
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The long-awaited release of hub is here! You spoke and I listened. Needless to say, this is the best release of hub ever.

hub is a command-line wrapper for git executable that extends it with features that improve integration with GitHub.

To install hub:

  • Install from source:

    git clone
    cd hub
    rake install prefix=/usr/local
    # run and follow the instructions:
    hub alias
  • Upgrade with Homebrew:

    brew upgrade hub

It's faster. Algebraic!

hub is written in Ruby and its execution time was abysmal. It kinda sucks that you're supposed to wrap git with a tool that's an order of magnitude slower than git itself. Well, the good news is that I've made it much faster in the new release:


  • hub version - mean: 0.138 ms
  • hub browse -u - mean: 0.191 ms


  • hub version - mean: 0.062 ms (76 ms faster)
  • hub browse -u - mean: 0.131 ms (60 ms faster)

I've done that by:

  • --disable-gems flag to the Ruby interpreter to skip loading RubyGems;
  • avoiding loading fileutils and cgi modules, and reimplemented the few methods I need from them;
  • avoiding loading yaml and uri modules, which are slow to load, and implemented a rudimentary YAML serializer/deserializer to handle hub configuration, and a replacement URI::HTTP class which handles simple URLs.

Ready to squish some long-outstanding issues?

  • Enable two-factor authentication (2FA) and email-based GitHub Enterprise login.
  • Detect default branch if named something other than "master", e.g. "develop". If the default branch is not picked up by git automatically on clone, you can explicitly set it once per repo with git remote set-head REMOTE BRANCH.
  • Detect origin remote when named something other than "origin", e.g. "upstream" or "github".
  • Enable cloning of private repos without having to use hub clone -p. hub will use the ssh protocol instead of git protocol for any repo that is private or that you have push access to.

I'm frikkin’ all about pull-request!

  • Improve detecting the implicit head of the pull request. For example, if you have push access to the main repository and you created a branch on it, git pull-request will no longer incorrectly assume that the head should be the same-named branch on your (possibly non-existent) fork.
  • Add support for passing the pull request title & body via command line, file, or standard input via the -m MESSAGE or -F FILE parameters that match those supported by git commit.
  • Deprecate converting issues into pull requests. This functionality is likely to be dropped from GitHub's API.
  • Save and reuse pull-request message if creating one failed.
  • Avoid hard breaks in pull-request message authored in Vim.

New ci-status command. Mathematical!

hub ci-status provides access to GitHub Status API and is useful for checking the outcome of CI builds. It prints the status string on standard output and exits with a non-zero code for any status other than "success". This can be useful in shell scripts, e.g. to abort pushing a release if CI is pending or failing.

$ hub ci-status

$ hub ci-status mybranch

$ hub ci-status >/dev/null && rake release

Other improvements

  • hub am: enable fetching pull request and commit patches from private repos
  • Improve zsh and bash shell completions (and even added to CI test suite!)
  • Escape complex branch names in browse URLs
  • Allow --ff-only in merge <PULL-URL>
  • Display hub help hub using all available width of the terminal
  • hub version includes commit SHA when built from git
  • Fix reading from git core.pager when the value contains spaces
  • Expand environment variables in git core.editor value
  • Skip reading ssh_config when no read privileges
  • Lock down to GitHub API v3 for guarding against future changes of their API

Thanks to the contributors ❤️

Ladios Jonquil, Dave Goodell, Adam Spiers, Yasuharu Ozaki, Timothy Gu, Tekkub, Stuart Nelson, Steven Harman, Shay Frendt, Mindaugas Mozūras, Mike Dougherty, Michiel Sikkes, Maksim Ryzhikov, Lukas Zapletal, Kirill Müller, John Manoogian III, Jo Liss, Jamie Wright, Ivan Tse, Haukur Páll Hallvarðsson, Glenn Gentzke, David Mai, Arturo Herrero, Aaron Stacy. See the contributors graph