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# Description:
# Show some help to git noobies
# Dependencies:
# None
# Configuration:
# None
# Commands:
# git help <topic>
# Author:
# vquaiato
module.exports = (robot) ->
git_help = new Array()
git_help["create"] = "create a new repository -> git init\nclone local repository -> git clone /path/to/repository\nclone remote repository -> git clone username@host:/path/to/repository"
git_help["clone"] = git_help["create"]
git_help["add"] = "add changes to INDEX -> git add <filename>\nadd all changes to INDEX -> git add * \nremove or delete -> git rm <filename>"
git_help["remove"] = git_help["add"]
git_help["commit"] = "commit changes -> git commit -m \"Commit message\"\npush changes to remote repository -> git push origin master\nconnect local repository to remote repository -> git remote add origin <server>\nupdate local repository with remote changes -> git pull"
git_help["synchronize"] = git_help["commit"]
git_help["branch"] = "create new branch -> git checkout -b <name>\nswitch to master branch -> git checkout master\ndelete branch -> git branch -d <name>\npush branch to remote repository -> git push origin <branch name>"
git_help["merge"] = "merge changes from another branch -> git merge <branch>\nview changes between two branches -> git diff <source branch> <target branch>"
git_help["tag"] = "create tag -> git tag <tag name> <commit ID>\nget commit IDs -> git log"
git_help["restore"] = "replace working copy with latest from HEAD -> git checkout --<file name>"
robot.hear /^git help (create|clone|add|remove|commit|synchronize|branch|merge|tag|restore)$/i, (msg) ->
help = git_help[msg.match[1]]
msg.send help
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