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assert = require 'assert'
_ = require("underscore")
is_defined = (x) -> x?
one_of = (xs) -> xs[Math.floor Math.random() * xs.length]
maybe = (x) -> one_of [x, undefined]
# Get criteria for random ask string.
random_criteria = ->
me: (maybe 'me'),
limit: (maybe one_of [1..100]),
assignee: (maybe one_of ["my", "@fred", "julia_roberts"]),
label: (maybe one_of ["ui", "show-stopper"]),
repo: (maybe one_of ["github/hubot", "hubot-scripts", "janky"]),
query: (maybe one_of ["firefox", "Internet Explorer"])
# Create the string for the robot to receive from criteria. We create this
# string from randomized criteria, then parse the string and compare the
# results to the randomized criteria to test the `parse_criteria` function.
criteria_to_message = ({me, limit, assignee, label, repo, query}) -> [
'show', me,
limit, 'of' if limit? and assignee?,
(if assignee? and assignee isnt "my" then "#{assignee}'s" else assignee),
'for' if repo?, repo,
'about' if query?, query
].filter(is_defined).join ' '
# Test for the parse_criteria function.
# The function to test must be passed because it cannot be exported due to
# Hubot's export expectations.
module.exports.test = (parse_criteria) ->
# QuickCheck-inspired randomized test cases.
_.times 100, ->
criteria_expected = random_criteria()
assert.deepEqual criteria_expected, (parse_criteria criteria_to_message criteria_expected)
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