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Robot = require 'hubot/src/robot'
Url = require 'url'
# A programmer's best friend.
# Instantiates a test-only Robot that sends messages to an optional callback
# and a @sent array.
exports.helper = ->
new Helper "#{__dirname}/scripts"
# Training facility built for the Hubot scripts. Starts up a web server to
# emulate backends (like google images) so we can test that the response
# parsing code functions.
exports.danger = (helper, cb) ->
server = require('http').createServer (req, res) ->
url = Url.parse req.url, true
cb req, res, url
server.start = (tests, cb) ->
server.listen 9001, ->
helper.cb = (messages...) ->
tests.shift() messages...
server.close() if tests.length == 0
server.on 'close', -> helper.close()
class Helper extends Robot
constructor: (path) ->
super false, 'helper'
@sent = []
@Response = Helper.Response
send: (user, strings...) ->
strings.forEach (str) =>
@sent.push str
@cb? strings...
reply: (user, strings...) ->
strings.forEach (str) =>
@send user, "#{}: #{str}"
# modified to accept a string and pass the Robot.Message to super()
receive: (text) ->
user = new Robot.User 1, 'helper'
super new Robot.TextMessage(user, text)
class Helper.Response extends Robot.Response
http: (url) ->
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