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# Description:
# Send messages to all chat rooms.
# Dependencies:
# None
# Configuration:
# HUBOT_ANNOUNCE_ROOMS - comma-separated list of rooms
# Commands:
# hubot announce "<message>" - Sends a message to all hubot rooms.
# hubot announce downtime for "<service>" starting <timeframe> - Syntactic sugar for announcing downtime commencement
# hubot announce downtime complete for "<service>" - Syntactic sugar for announcing downtime completion
# Author:
# Morgan Delagrange
# /broadcast/create - Send a message to designated, comma-separated rooms.
module.exports = (robot) ->
allRooms = process.env.HUBOT_ANNOUNCE_ROOMS.split(',')
allRooms = []
robot.respond /announce "(.*)"/i, (msg) ->
announcement = msg.match[1]
for room in allRooms
robot.messageRoom room, announcement
robot.respond /announce downtime for "(.*)" starting (.*)/i, (msg) ->
user = msg.message.user
service = msg.match[1]
startTime = msg.match[2]
message = ["The '#{service}' service will be going down for maintenance starting #{startTime}.",
"If you have questions about this maintenance, please talk to #{} in the #{} room. Thank you for your patience."]
for room in allRooms
robot.messageRoom room, message...
msg.reply "Don't forget to pause monitoring for this service."
robot.respond /announce downtime complete for "(.*)"/i, (msg) ->
service = msg.match[1]
for room in allRooms
robot.messageRoom room,
"Maintenance for the '#{service}' service is complete."
msg.reply "Don't forget to resume monitoring for this service." "/broadcast/create", (req, res) ->
if req.body.rooms
rooms = req.body.rooms.split(',')
rooms = allRooms
for room in rooms
robot.messageRoom room, req.body.message
res.end "Message Sent"
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