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# Description:
# A hubot interface for Bang, a key-value store for text snippets
# Dependencies:
# "bang": "1.0.1"
# "shellwords": "0.0.1"
# Configuration:
# None
# Commands:
# hubot bang [--help|--list|--delete] <key> [value] - Store and retrieve text snippets
# Author:
# jimmycuadra
Bang = require "bang"
{split} = require "shellwords"
module.exports = (robot) ->
robot.respond /bang\s+(.*)/i, (msg) ->
args = split(msg.match[1])
catch error
return msg.send "I couldn't Bang that cause your quotes didn't match."
bang = new Bang = ?= {} = ->
[key, value] = args
if key in ["-h", "--help"]
msg.send """
Bang stores text snippets in my brain.
Set a key: #{} bang foo bar
Get a key: #{} bang foo
Delete a key: #{} bang [-d|--delete] foo
List keys: #{} bang [-l|--list]
Get help: #{} bang [-h|--help]
else if key in ["-l", "--list"]
list = bang.list()
if list
msg.send list
msg.send "I couldn't find any Bang data in my brain."
else if key in ["-d", "--delete"] and value
bang.delete value
msg.send "I stopped Banging #{value}."
else if key and value
bang.set key, value
msg.send "I Banged #{value} into #{key}."
else if key
result = bang.get key
if result
msg.send result
msg.send "Nothing's been Banged into #{key}."
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