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# Description:
# - Replaces :text: or text with emojis.
# Great for IRC or anywhere not already emojified.
# Dependencies:
# None
# Configuration:
# None
# Commands:
# "put a bird on it" - Prints "put a 🐦 on it" in 'more' emoji mode.
# "put a :bird: on it" - Prints "put a 🐦 on it" in 'less' emoji mode.
# hubot list emoji - Print a list of available emojis
# hubot more emoji - Try to substitute all words - no :colons: required.
# hubot less emoji - Require :colons: to substitute emojis (default).
# Notes:
# Emoji/unicode pairing data from
# Author:
# dzello
module.exports = (robot) ->
robot.brain.on "loaded", -> ?= {}
robot.hear /.+/, (msg) ->
if textWithEmoji = substituteEmoji(msg.message.text, robot)
robot.respond /more emoji/, (msg) -> = true
robot.respond /less emoji/, (msg) -> = false
robot.respond /list emoji/, (msg) ->
buf = ""
for symbol, hexCode of emojis
buf += "#{toEmoji(hexCode)} #{symbol}\n"
msg.send buf
substituteEmoji = (text, robot) ->
ct = 0
re = if then /([a-zA-Z0-9_:]{3,})/g else /:([a-zA-Z0-9_]+):/g
text = text.replace re, (match, key) ->
if emoji = emojis[key.toLowerCase().replace(/:/g, '')]
toEmoji(emoji) + " "
text if ct > 0
toEmoji = (hexCode) ->
fromFullCharCode(parseInt(hexCode, 16))
fromFullCharCode = (args...) ->
chars= []
for n in args
if (n < 0x10000)
high = Math.floor((n - 0x10000) / 0x400) + 0xD800
low = (n - 0x10000) % 0x400 + 0xDC00
chars.push(String.fromCharCode(high, low))
`emojis = {
'100': '1f4af',
'1234': '1f522',
haircut: '1f487',
house: '1f3e0',
ideograph_advantage: '1f250',
house_with_garden: '1f3e1',
incoming_envelope: '1f4e8',
japan: '1f5fe',
information_source: '2139',
it: '1f1ee',
inbox_tray: '1f4e5',
pisces: '2653',
loudspeaker: '1f4e2',
loop: '27bf',
lips: '1f444',
libra: '264e',
leaves: '1f343',
large_blue_diamond: '1f537',
man: '1f468',
laughing: '1f606',
light_rail: '1f688',
police_car: '1f693',
mountain_railway: '1f69e',
mailbox_closed: '1f4ea',
musical_note: '1f3b5',
left_right_arrow: '2194',
link: '1f517',
leo: '264c',
last_quarter_moon_with_face: '1f31c',
love_hotel: '1f3e9',
lipstick: '1f484',
leftwards_arrow_with_hook: '21a9',
ledger: '1f4d2',
japanese_goblin: '1f47a',
left_luggage: '1f6c5',
japanese_ogre: '1f479',
information_desk_person: '1f481',
large_orange_diamond: '1f536',
koala: '1f428',
kissing_cat: '1f63d',
large_blue_circle: '1f535',
koko: '1f201',
jp: '1f1ef',
joy: '1f602',
last_quarter_moon: '1f317',
lantern: '1f3ee',
kr: '1f1f0',
interrobang: '2049',
jack_o_lantern: '1f383',
imp: '1f47f',
izakaya_lantern: '1f3ee',
japanese_castle: '1f3ef',
joy_cat: '1f639',
key: '1f511',
kiss: '1f48b',
kissing_smiling_eyes: '1f619',
kissing_closed_eyes: '1f61a',
kimono: '1f458',
jeans: '1f456',
icecream: '1f366',
iphone: '1f4f1',
kissing: '1f617',
id: '1f194',
innocent: '1f607',
hushed: '1f62f',
ice_cream: '1f368',
hourglass_flowing_sand: '23f3',
hourglass: '231b',
no_entry: '26d4',
lock: '1f512',
memo: '1f4dd',
muscle: '1f4aa',
lock_with_ink_pen: '1f50f',
lemon: '1f34b',
keycap_ten: '1f51f',
microphone: '1f3a4',
no_mobile_phones: '1f4f5',
mouse2: '1f401',
kissing_heart: '1f618',
man_with_gua_pi_mao: '1f472',
microscope: '1f52c',
point_down: '1f447',
pizza: '1f355',
pouch: '1f45d',
pound: '1f4b7',
potable_water: '1f6b0',
no_mouth: '1f636',
postbox: '1f4ee',
poultry_leg: '1f357',
point_right: '1f449',
post_office: '1f3e3',
point_left: '1f448',
point_up_2: '1f446',
poodle: '1f429',
pray: '1f64f',
no_pedestrians: '1f6b7',
moyai: '1f5ff',
point_up: '261d',
monkey: '1f412',
postal_horn: '1f4ef',
no_entry_sign: '1f6ab',
newspaper: '1f4f0',
poop: '1f4a9',
pouting_cat: '1f63e',
princess: '1f478',
nine: '0039',
neutral_face: '1f610',
no_bell: '1f515',
ng: '1f196',
metro: '1f687',
necktie: '1f454',
new: '1f195',
mute: '1f507',
no_good: '1f645',
new_moon_with_face: '1f31a',
nail_care: '1f485',
low_brightness: '1f505',
couplekiss: '1f48f',
copyright: '00a9',
couple: '1f46b',
couple_with_heart: '1f491',
cookie: '1f36a',
construction: '1f6a7',
cool: '1f192',
cherry_blossom: '1f338',
clock4: '1f553',
corn: '1f33d',
credit_card: '1f4b3',
clock1030: '1f565',
church: '26ea',
cop: '1f46e',
convenience_store: '1f3ea',
cow: '1f42e',
clapper: '1f3ac',
clock1130: '1f566',
clock12: '1f55b',
card_index: '1f4c7',
cat: '1f431',
bomb: '1f4a3',
car: '1f697',
cancer: '264b',
capricorn: '2651',
blush: '1f60a',
candy: '1f36c',
boom: '1f4a5',
capital_abcd: '1f520',
clock930: '1f564',
bride_with_veil: '1f470',
book: '1f4d6',
bookmark_tabs: '1f4d1',
blue_book: '1f4d8',
carousel_horse: '1f3a0',
bust_in_silhouette: '1f464',
boat: '26f5',
blowfish: '1f421',
bookmark: '1f516',
books: '1f4da',
black_small_square: '25aa',
boar: '1f417',
blue_heart: '1f499',
boot: '1f462',
santa: '1f385',
saxophone: '1f3b7',
scream: '1f631',
minidisc: '1f4bd',
school_satchel: '1f392',
scorpius: '264f',
blue_car: '1f699',
scissors: '2702',
satisfied: '1f606',
sandal: '1f461',
black_square_button: '1f532',
school: '1f3eb',
hamster: '1f439',
satellite: '1f4e1',
sake: '1f376',
sa: '1f202',
busstop: '1f68f',
sailboat: '26f5',
running_shirt_with_sash: '1f3bd',
bulb: '1f4a1',
sagittarius: '2650',
mushroom: '1f344',
massage: '1f486',
mailbox_with_mail: '1f4ec',
m: '24c2',
maple_leaf: '1f341',
mailbox_with_no_mail: '1f4ed',
mask: '1f637',
mega: '1f4e3',
basketball: '1f3c0',
arrow_up: '2b06',
abcd: '1f521',
'+1': '1f44d',
alien: '1f47d',
ant: '1f41c',
anguished: '1f627',
sheep: '1f411',
a: '1f170',
sos: '1f198',
'8ball': '1f3b1',
office: '1f3e2',
older_man: '1f474',
seat: '1f4ba',
smirk_cat: '1f63c',
tiger: '1f42f',
vhs: '1f4fc',
surfer: '1f3c4',
ok_hand: '1f44c',
'non-potable_water': '1f6b1',
older_woman: '1f475',
ok: '1f197',
octopus: '1f419',
mountain_cableway: '1f6a0',
unlock: '1f513',
nose: '1f443',
mount_fuji: '1f5fb',
notebook_with_decorative_cover: '1f4d4',
ok_woman: '1f646',
notes: '1f3b6',
nut_and_bolt: '1f529',
ocean: '1f30a',
o: '2b55',
new_moon: '1f311',
mountain_bicyclist: '1f6b5',
notebook: '1f4d3',
mag: '1f50d',
no_bicycles: '1f6b3',
train2: '1f686',
smile: '1f604',
shirt: '1f455',
speak_no_evil: '1f64a',
vertical_traffic_light: '1f6a6',
shit: '1f4a9',
musical_keyboard: '1f3b9',
ambulance: '1f691',
tv: '1f4fa',
battery: '1f50b',
lollipop: '1f36d',
mouse: '1f42d',
movie_camera: '1f3a5',
bamboo: '1f38d',
cold_sweat: '1f630',
mens: '1f6b9',
station: '1f689',
sound: '1f509',
first_quarter_moon: '1f313',
elephant: '1f418',
doughnut: '1f369',
door: '1f6aa',
earth_asia: '1f30f',
fire: '1f525',
cloud: '2601',
ear: '1f442',
eight_pointed_black_star: '2734',
dizzy: '1f4ab',
crocodile: '1f40a',
mailbox: '1f4eb',
feet: '1f43e',
heart_eyes: '1f60d',
currency_exchange: '1f4b1',
facepunch: '1f44a',
hankey: '1f4a9',
minibus: '1f690',
ferris_wheel: '1f3a1',
fireworks: '1f386',
crossed_flags: '1f38c',
department_store: '1f3ec',
heavy_check_mark: '2714',
fountain: '26f2',
flushed: '1f633',
fork_and_knife: '1f374',
waxing_gibbous_moon: '1f314',
dragon_face: '1f432',
x: '274c',
white_circle: '26aa',
sparkler: '1f387',
white_medium_small_square: '25fd',
white_check_mark: '2705',
uk: '1f1ec',
v: '270c',
sunflower: '1f33b',
white_large_square: '2b1c',
tent: '26fa',
triangular_flag_on_post: '1f6a9',
telephone_receiver: '1f4de',
tram: '1f68a',
whale: '1f433',
triumph: '1f624',
weary: '1f629',
hash: '0023',
speech_balloon: '1f4ac',
sparkling_heart: '1f496',
stars: '1f303',
speaker: '1f50a',
snowflake: '2744',
sunglasses: '1f60e',
speedboat: '1f6a4',
snake: '1f40d',
earth_americas: '1f30e',
smile_cat: '1f638',
star2: '1f31f',
small_orange_diamond: '1f538',
smoking: '1f6ac',
spaghetti: '1f35d',
sleepy: '1f62a',
star: '2b50',
smiley: '1f603',
small_red_triangle_down: '1f53b',
snowman: '26c4',
small_blue_diamond: '1f539',
pig: '1f437',
rice: '1f35a',
smiley_cat: '1f63a',
snowboarder: '1f3c2',
heavy_dollar_sign: '1f4b2',
smirk: '1f60f',
rugby_football: '1f3c9',
smiling_imp: '1f608',
rowboat: '1f6a3',
shower: '1f6bf',
slot_machine: '1f3b0',
shell: '1f41a',
hear_no_evil: '1f649',
pensive: '1f614',
hibiscus: '1f33a',
person_frowning: '1f64d',
raising_hand: '1f64b',
rabbit2: '1f407',
snail: '1f40c',
ramen: '1f35c',
radio: '1f4fb',
deciduous_tree: '1f333',
diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: '1f4a0',
first_quarter_moon_with_face: '1f31b',
dog: '1f436',
eggplant: '1f346',
shoe: '1f45e',
customs: '1f6c3',
pill: '1f48a',
'e-mail': '1f4e7',
dolphin: '1f42c',
disappointed_relieved: '1f625',
dizzy_face: '1f635',
curly_loop: '27b0',
crying_cat_face: '1f63f',
milky_way: '1f30c',
small_red_triangle: '1f53a',
coffee: '2615',
flashlight: '1f526',
eight_spoked_asterisk: '2733',
heart_decoration: '1f49f',
open_mouth: '1f62e',
curry: '1f35b',
passport_control: '1f6c2',
cupid: '1f498',
high_heel: '1f460',
heavy_exclamation_mark: '2757',
gun: '1f52b',
fries: '1f35f',
melon: '1f348',
euro: '1f4b6',
meat_on_bone: '1f356',
fish_cake: '1f365',
gem: '1f48e',
mahjong: '1f004',
dog2: '1f415',
egg: '1f373',
date: '1f4c5',
girl: '1f467',
free: '1f193',
ear_of_rice: '1f33e',
full_moon: '1f315',
man_with_turban: '1f473',
european_castle: '1f3f0',
five: '0035',
fax: '1f4e0',
crown: '1f451',
diamonds: '2666',
fist: '270a',
cn: '1f1e8',
flags: '1f38f',
grin: '1f601',
exclamation: '2757',
green_book: '1f4d7',
fishing_pole_and_fish: '1f3a3',
cocktail: '1f378',
factory: '1f3ed',
frowning: '1f626',
fr: '1f1eb',
envelope_with_arrow: '1f4e9',
handbag: '1f45c',
foggy: '1f301',
floppy_disk: '1f4be',
beer: '1f37a',
footprints: '1f463',
globe_with_meridians: '1f310',
mans_shoe: '1f45e',
dango: '1f361',
dancer: '1f483',
gift_heart: '1f49d',
dromedary_camel: '1f42a',
clock330: '1f55e',
clock3: '1f552',
construction_worker: '1f477',
cow2: '1f404',
email: '2709',
fast_forward: '23e9',
file_folder: '1f4c1',
collision: '1f4a5',
clock230: '1f55d',
horse_racing: '1f3c7',
fish: '1f41f',
clock2: '1f551',
confetti_ball: '1f38a',
heavy_division_sign: '2797',
u6709: '1f236',
full_moon_with_face: '1f31d',
european_post_office: '1f3e4',
ski: '1f3bf',
congratulations: '3297',
football: '1f3c8',
four_leaf_clover: '1f340',
negative_squared_cross_mark: '274e',
confounded: '1f616',
money_with_wings: '1f4b8',
honey_pot: '1f36f',
closed_umbrella: '1f302',
computer: '1f4bb',
hearts: '2665',
dart: '1f3af',
heart_eyes_cat: '1f63b',
love_letter: '1f48c',
racehorse: '1f40e',
helicopter: '1f681',
honeybee: '1f41d',
railway_car: '1f683',
musical_score: '1f3bc',
fire_engine: '1f692',
heavy_multiplication_x: '2716',
heartpulse: '1f497',
hotsprings: '2668',
headphones: '1f3a7',
family: '1f46a',
end: '1f51a',
dragon: '1f409',
evergreen_tree: '1f332',
hocho: '1f52a',
high_brightness: '1f506',
ship: '1f6a2',
horse: '1f434',
see_no_evil: '1f648',
es: '1f1ea',
ru: '1f1f7',
runner: '1f3c3',
goat: '1f410',
o2: '1f17e',
scroll: '1f4dc',
running: '1f3c3',
punch: '1f44a',
secret: '3299',
question: '2753',
persevere: '1f623',
frog: '1f438',
four: '0034',
gift: '1f381',
gemini: '264a',
dancers: '1f46f',
relaxed: '263a',
repeat: '1f501',
red_circle: '1f534',
phone: '260e',
rocket: '1f680',
purple_heart: '1f49c',
rose: '1f339',
fuelpump: '26fd',
person_with_pouting_face: '1f64e',
red_car: '1f697',
rewind: '23ea',
rice_ball: '1f359',
disappointed: '1f61e',
rooster: '1f413',
restroom: '1f6bb',
registered: '00ae',
relieved: '1f60c',
recycle: '267b',
rotating_light: '1f6a8',
rainbow: '1f308',
rice_cracker: '1f358',
pear: '1f350',
ring: '1f48d',
rat: '1f400',
eyeglasses: '1f453',
gb: '1f1ec',
pencil: '1f4dd',
fried_shrimp: '1f364',
revolving_hearts: '1f49e',
pencil2: '270f',
partly_sunny: '26c5',
outbox_tray: '1f4e4',
page_with_curl: '1f4c3',
part_alternation_mark: '303d',
peach: '1f351',
rice_scene: '1f391',
roller_coaster: '1f3a2',
oncoming_police_car: '1f694',
paperclip: '1f4ce',
open_file_folder: '1f4c2',
page_facing_up: '1f4c4',
paw_prints: '1f43e',
palm_tree: '1f334',
ox: '1f402',
package: '1f4e6',
one: '0031',
open_book: '1f4d6',
oncoming_taxi: '1f696',
mortar_board: '1f393',
on: '1f51b',
ophiuchus: '26ce',
moneybag: '1f4b0',
orange_book: '1f4d9',
open_hands: '1f450',
mobile_phone_off: '1f4f4',
monkey_face: '1f435',
monorail: '1f69d',
oden: '1f362',
oncoming_automobile: '1f698',
cyclone: '1f300',
panda_face: '1f43c',
oncoming_bus: '1f68d',
moon: '1f314',
fearful: '1f628',
eyes: '1f440',
person_with_blond_hair: '1f471',
leopard: '1f406',
ram: '1f40f',
penguin: '1f427',
repeat_one: '1f502',
parking: '1f17f',
pager: '1f4df',
pig2: '1f416',
rabbit: '1f430',
envelope: '2709',
pig_nose: '1f43d',
closed_lock_with_key: '1f510',
ghost: '1f47b',
confused: '1f615',
closed_book: '1f4d5',
clock830: '1f563',
dollar: '1f4b5',
ribbon: '1f380',
clock530: '1f560',
clock8: '1f557',
clock430: '1f55f',
clock11: '1f55a',
city_sunrise: '1f307',
clock6: '1f555',
circus_tent: '1f3aa',
clock7: '1f556',
cl: '1f191',
chocolate_bar: '1f36b',
clock1: '1f550',
name_badge: '1f4db',
clock630: '1f561',
clock10: '1f559',
cd: '1f4bf',
clock9: '1f558',
clipboard: '1f4cb',
clock1230: '1f567',
chart_with_downwards_trend: '1f4c9',
chart: '1f4b9',
clock730: '1f562',
chicken: '1f414',
performing_arts: '1f3ad',
city_sunset: '1f306',
christmas_tree: '1f384',
cherries: '1f352',
camel: '1f42b',
cat2: '1f408',
cactus: '1f335',
bug: '1f41b',
cake: '1f370',
bullettrain_side: '1f684',
calendar: '1f4c6',
checkered_flag: '1f3c1',
bus: '1f68c',
broken_heart: '1f494',
busts_in_silhouette: '1f465',
bullettrain_front: '1f685',
chestnut: '1f330',
calling: '1f4f2',
bread: '1f35e',
bridge_at_night: '1f309',
briefcase: '1f4bc',
bouquet: '1f490',
bowling: '1f3b3',
bow: '1f647',
droplet: '1f4a7',
blossom: '1f33c',
clap: '1f44f',
clock130: '1f55c',
cinema: '1f3a6',
clubs: '2663',
clock5: '1f554',
children_crossing: '1f6b8',
boy: '1f466',
camera: '1f4f7',
bento: '1f371',
black_large_square: '2b1b',
black_nib: '2712',
birthday: '1f382',
black_medium_small_square: '25fe',
bird: '1f426',
black_joker: '1f0cf',
bicyclist: '1f6b4',
black_circle: '26ab',
beetle: '1f41e',
bikini: '1f459',
no_smoking: '1f6ad',
bike: '1f6b2',
black_medium_square: '25fc',
bell: '1f514',
mag_right: '1f50e',
bee: '1f41d',
bathtub: '1f6c1',
bar_chart: '1f4ca',
bath: '1f6c0',
barber: '1f488',
baby_symbol: '1f6bc',
bank: '1f3e6',
bangbang: '203c',
arrow_up_small: '1f53c',
atm: '1f3e7',
baby: '1f476',
back: '1f519',
arrows_clockwise: '1f503',
b: '1f171',
arrow_upper_left: '2196',
balloon: '1f388',
athletic_shoe: '1f45f',
arrows_counterclockwise: '1f504',
ballot_box_with_check: '2611',
articulated_lorry: '1f69b',
round_pushpin: '1f4cd',
radio_button: '1f518',
raised_hands: '1f64c',
raised_hand: '270b',
purse: '1f45b',
put_litter_in_its_place: '1f6ae',
rage: '1f621',
pushpin: '1f4cc',
pineapple: '1f34d',
dash: '1f4a8',
bear: '1f43b',
baggage_claim: '1f6c4',
art: '1f3a8',
arrow_upper_right: '2197',
chart_with_upwards_trend: '1f4c8',
baby_chick: '1f424',
baseball: '26be',
baby_bottle: '1f37c',
arrow_forward: '25b6',
aries: '2648',
arrow_left: '2b05',
arrow_lower_left: '2199',
arrow_right: '27a1',
ab: '1f18e',
arrow_down: '2b07',
anger: '1f4a2',
accept: '1f251',
arrow_lower_right: '2198',
arrow_double_up: '23eb',
arrow_down_small: '1f53d',
arrow_heading_up: '2934',
aquarius: '2652',
arrow_backward: '25c0',
abc: '1f524',
aerial_tramway: '1f6a1',
astonished: '1f632',
alarm_clock: '23f0',
angry: '1f620',
arrow_right_hook: '21aa',
arrow_double_down: '23ec',
arrow_heading_down: '2935',
apple: '1f34e',
airplane: '2708',
angel: '1f47c',
anchor: '2693',
'-1': '1f44e',
zero: '0030',
yellow_heart: '1f49b',
zzz: '1f4a4',
zap: '26a1',
womens: '1f6ba',
woman: '1f469',
wind_chime: '1f390',
wink: '1f609',
wave: '1f44b',
wc: '1f6be',
white_square_button: '1f533',
womans_hat: '1f452',
white_flower: '1f4ae',
wine_glass: '1f377',
womans_clothes: '1f45a',
white_small_square: '25ab',
worried: '1f61f',
violin: '1f3bb',
two_women_holding_hands: '1f46d',
whale2: '1f40b',
waning_gibbous_moon: '1f316',
virgo: '264d',
tulip: '1f337',
u5272: '1f239',
u5408: '1f234',
watch: '231a',
wavy_dash: '3030',
trumpet: '1f3ba',
two_men_holding_hands: '1f46c',
two_hearts: '1f495',
u55b6: '1f23a',
volcano: '1f30b',
warning: '26a0',
video_game: '1f3ae',
truck: '1f69a',
tropical_fish: '1f420',
u6708: '1f237',
up: '1f199',
watermelon: '1f349',
tired_face: '1f62b',
twisted_rightwards_arrows: '1f500',
train: '1f683',
tongue: '1f445',
water_buffalo: '1f403',
two: '0032',
yum: '1f60b',
turtle: '1f422',
waning_crescent_moon: '1f318',
traffic_light: '1f6a5',
tshirt: '1f455',
vibration_mode: '1f4f3',
u6307: '1f22f',
vs: '1f19a',
toilet: '1f6bd',
tokyo_tower: '1f5fc',
thumbsdown: '1f44e',
thumbsup: '1f44d',
tangerine: '1f34a',
three: '0033',
ticket: '1f3ab',
tennis: '1f3be',
taurus: '2649',
tm: '2122',
taxi: '1f695',
tada: '1f389',
tea: '1f375',
telescope: '1f52d',
symbols: '1f523',
tanabata_tree: '1f38b',
syringe: '1f489',
sunny: '2600',
suspension_railway: '1f69f',
sweet_potato: '1f360',
stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: '1f61d',
sushi: '1f363',
stew: '1f372',
sweat_smile: '1f605',
six_pointed_star: '1f52f',
space_invader: '1f47e',
signal_strength: '1f4f6',
stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: '1f61c',
seven: '0037',
steam_locomotive: '1f682',
strawberry: '1f353',
swimmer: '1f3ca',
skull: '1f480',
straight_ruler: '1f4cf',
sunrise: '1f305',
sweat: '1f613',
sun_with_face: '1f31e',
sparkles: '2728',
statue_of_liberty: '1f5fd',
sleeping: '1f634',
soon: '1f51c',
beginner: '1f530',
yen: '1f4b4',
beers: '1f37b',
white_medium_square: '25fb',
wolf: '1f43a',
wrench: '1f527',
video_camera: '1f4f9',
walking: '1f6b6',
waxing_crescent_moon: '1f312',
wheelchair: '267f',
tiger2: '1f405',
sweat_drops: '1f4a6',
seedling: '1f331',
wedding: '1f492',
u7533: '1f238',
umbrella: '2614',
sunrise_over_mountains: '1f304',
us: '1f1fa',
u7981: '1f232',
u7a7a: '1f233',
underage: '1f51e',
unamused: '1f612',
u7121: '1f21a',
sparkle: '2747',
sob: '1f62d',
stuck_out_tongue: '1f61b',
u6e80: '1f235',
tropical_drink: '1f379',
trophy: '1f3c6',
trolleybus: '1f68e',
triangular_ruler: '1f4d0',
trident: '1f531',
top: '1f51d',
tomato: '1f345',
telephone: '260e',
thought_balloon: '1f4ad',
tophat: '1f3a9',
tractor: '1f69c',
soccer: '26bd',
six: '0036',
scream_cat: '1f640',
shaved_ice: '1f367',
spades: '2660',
dvd: '1f4c0',
flower_playing_cards: '1f3b4',
cry: '1f622',
hospital: '1f3e5',
hotel: '1f3e8',
herb: '1f33f',
heavy_plus_sign: '2795',
hatched_chick: '1f425',
hammer: '1f528',
grey_exclamation: '2755',
green_apple: '1f34f',
grinning: '1f600',
heavy_minus_sign: '2796',
hamburger: '1f354',
guardsman: '1f482',
hand: '270b',
green_heart: '1f49a',
grey_question: '2754',
golf: '26f3',
grapes: '1f347',
heartbeat: '1f493',
grimacing: '1f62c',
hatching_chick: '1f423',
dolls: '1f38e',
de: '1f1e9',
do_not_litter: '1f6af',
dress: '1f457',
custard: '1f36e',
eight: '0038',
earth_africa: '1f30d',
guitar: '1f3b8',
game_die: '1f3b2',
fallen_leaf: '1f342',
heart: '2764',
expressionless: '1f611',
crescent_moon: '1f319',
electric_plug: '1f50c',
crystal_ball: '1f52e',
arrow_up_down: '2195',
banana: '1f34c'
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