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# Description:
# javabot style factoid support for your hubot. Build a factoid library
# and save yourself typing out answers to similar questions
# Dependencies:
# None
# Configuration:
# None
# Commands:
# ~<factoid> is <some phrase, link, whatever> - Creates a factoid
# ~<factoid> is also <some phrase, link, whatever> - Updates a factoid.
# ~<factoid> - Prints the factoid, if it exists. Otherwise tells you there is no factoid
# ~tell <user> about <factoid> - Tells the user about a factoid, if it exists
# ~~<user> <factoid> - Same as ~tell, less typing
# <factoid>? - Same as ~<factoid> except for there is no response if not found
# hubot no, <factoid> is <some phrase, link, whatever> - Replaces the full definition of a factoid
# hubot factoids list - List all factoids
# hubot factoid delete "<factoid>" - delete a factoid
# Author:
# arthurkalm
class Factoids
constructor: (@robot) ->
@robot.brain.on 'loaded', =>
@cache =
@cache = {} unless @cache
add: (key, val) ->
input = key
key = key.toLowerCase() unless @cache[key]?
if @cache[key]
"#{input} is already #{@cache[key]}"
this.setFactoid input, val
append: (key, val) ->
input = key
key = key.toLowerCase() unless @cache[key]?
if @cache[key]
@cache[key] = @cache[key] + ", " + val = @cache
"Ok. #{input} is also #{val} "
"No factoid for #{input}. It can't also be #{val} if it isn't already something."
setFactoid: (key, val) ->
input = key
key = key.toLowerCase() unless @cache[key]?
@cache[key] = val = @cache
"OK. #{input} is #{val} "
delFactoid: (key) ->
input = key
key = key.toLowerCase() unless @cache[key]?
delete @cache[key] = @cache
"OK. I forgot about #{input}"
niceGet: (key) ->
input = key
key = key.toLowerCase() unless @cache[key]?
@cache[key] or "No factoid for #{input}"
get: (key) ->
key = key.toLowerCase() unless @cache[key]?
list: ->
tell: (person, key) ->
factoid = this.get key
if @cache[key]
"#{person}, #{key} is #{factoid}"
handleFactoid: (text) ->
if match = /^~(.+?) is also (.+)/i.exec text
this.append match[1], match[2]
else if match = /^~(.+?) is (.+)/i.exec text
this.add match[1], match[2]
else if match = (/^~tell (.+?) about (.+)/i.exec text) or (/^~~(.+) (.+)/.exec text)
this.tell match[1], match[2]
else if match = /^~(.+)/i.exec text
this.niceGet match[1]
module.exports = (robot) ->
factoids = new Factoids robot
robot.hear /^~(.+)/i, (msg) ->
if match = (/^~tell (.+) about (.+)/i.exec msg.match) or (/^~~(.+) (.+)/.exec msg.match)
msg.send factoids.handleFactoid msg.message.text
msg.reply factoids.handleFactoid msg.message.text
robot.hear /(.+)\?/i, (msg) ->
factoid = factoids.get msg.match[1]
if factoid
msg.reply msg.match[1] + " is " + factoid
robot.respond /no, (.+) is (.+)/i, (msg) ->
msg.reply factoids.setFactoid msg.match[1], msg.match[2]
robot.respond /factoids? list/i, (msg) ->
msg.send factoids.list().join('\n')
robot.respond /factoids? delete "(.*)"$/i, (msg) ->
msg.reply factoids.delFactoid msg.match[1]
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