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# Description
# Companion Hubot script for operating
# Dependencies:
# None
# Configuration:
# The make-me HTTP server location, username and password
# can be configured from the enviornment with `$HUBOT_MAKE_ME_URL`,
# Commands:
# hubot 3d me <url..url_n> [options] - 3D Print the URLs
# hubot 3d? - Show some help
# Notes:
# None
# Author:
# @sshirokov and @skalnik
util = require 'util'
qs = require 'querystring'
makeServer = process.env.HUBOT_MAKE_ME_URL or 'http://localhost:9292'
[authUser, authPass] = [process.env.HUBOT_MAKE_ME_USER or 'hubot', process.env.HUBOT_MAKE_ME_PASS or 'isalive']
auth64 = (new Buffer("#{authUser}:#{authPass}")).toString("base64")
module.exports = (robot) ->
robot.respond /3d\??$/i, (msg) ->
response = """#{} 3d me [STL URLs] [[options]] - prints an STL file
You can list multiple URLs separated by spaces.
Options can follow the URL and are:
'(high|medium|low) quality' -- sets the quality of the print. Default: medium
'xN' (e.g. x2) -- print more than one of a thing at once
'with supports' -- adds supports to the model, for complex overhangs. Default: disabled
'with raft' -- prints on a plastic raft, for models with little platform contact. Default: disabled
'xx% solid' -- changes how solid the object is on the inside. Default: 5%
'scale by X.Y' (e.g. 0.5) -- scale the size of the model by a factor
#{} 3d snapshot - takes a picture and tells you the locked status
#{} 3d unlock - unlocks the printer after you clean up
Only 1 print at a time is allowed, and you are required to tell
#{} after you've cleaned your print off.
The web frontend is at #{makeServer}, and
the most current log is always available at #{makeServer}/log"""
msg.send response
robot.respond /3d (snapshot|status)/i, (msg) ->
locked_msg = "unlocked"
msg.http(makeServer + "/lock")
.header("Authorization", "Basic #{auth64}")
.get() (err, res, body) =>
if res.statusCode is 423
locked_msg = "locked"
.get() (err, res, body) =>
if res.statusCode is 200
msg.reply "I can't see anything, what does it look like to you? I hear the machine is #{locked_msg}."
images = JSON.parse(body)?.images
for image in images
msg.send image
msg.reply "I can't seem to get a hold of a picture for you, but the internets tell me the machine is #{locked_msg}."
robot.respond /3d unlock( me)?/i, (msg) ->
msg.http(makeServer + "/lock")
.header("Authorization", "Basic #{auth64}")
.post(qs.encode({"_method": "DELETE"})) (err, res, body) =>
if res.statusCode is 200
msg.reply "Oh you finally decided to clean up?"
else if res.statusCode is 404
msg.reply "There's no lock. Go print something awesome!"
msg.reply "Unexpected status code #{res.statusCode}!"
msg.reply body
robot.respond /(3d|make)( me)?( a)? (http[^\s]+)\s*(.*)/i, (msg) ->
things = [msg.match[4]]
count = 1
scale = 1.0
supports = false
raft = false
quality = 'medium'
density = 0.05
options = msg.match[5]
# Extract any extra urls
while url = /(http[^\s]+)\s?/.exec(options)
things.push url[1]
options = options.slice(url[1].length + 1)
if count_op = /x(\d+)/.exec(options)
count = parseInt(count_op[1])
if /with support/.exec(options)
supports = true
if /with raft/.exec(options)
raft = true
if quality_op = /(\w+) quality/.exec(options)
quality = quality_op[1]
if density_op = /(\d+)% solid/.exec(options)
density = parseFloat(density_op[1]) / 100.0
if scale_op = /scale by (\d+\.\d+)/.exec(options)
scale = parseFloat(scale_op[1])
reply = "Telling the 3D printer to print #{things.length} models"
reply += " with the options: #{options}" if options.length > 0
msg.reply reply
msg.http(makeServer + "/print")
.header("Authorization", "Basic #{auth64}")
url: things,
count: count,
scale: scale,
quality: quality,
density: density,
slicer_args: {
doSupport: supports,
doRaft: raft
})) (err, res, body) =>
if res.statusCode is 200
msg.reply "Your thing is printin'! Check logs at #{makeServer}"
else if res.statusCode is 409
msg.reply "I couldn't process that pile of triangles."
else if res.statusCode is 423
msg.reply "Wait your turn, someone is already printing a thing. You can check progress at #{makeServer}"
else if err or res.statusCode is 500
msg.reply "Something broke!"