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# Description:
# Notifies you by Prowl or NotifyMyAndroid when you're mentioned
# Dependencies:
# "prowler": "0.0.3"
# Configuration:
# None
# Commands:
# hubot notify me by prowl with YOUR_PROWL_API_KEY
# hubot notify me by nma with YOUR_NMA_API_KEY
# hubot notify me by sms with 15556667890
# hubot list notifiers
# Author:
# marten
https = require "https"
Prowl = require "prowler"
QS = require "querystring"
module.exports = (robot) ->
sendSms = (to, msg) ->
sid = process.env.HUBOT_SMS_SID
tkn = process.env.HUBOT_SMS_TOKEN
from = process.env.HUBOT_SMS_FROM
auth = 'Basic ' + new Buffer(sid + ':' + tkn).toString("base64")
data = QS.stringify
From: from
To: to
Body: "#{}: #{msg.message.text}"
unless sid
msg.send "Twilio SID isn't set."
msg.send "Please set the HUBOT_SMS_SID environment variable."
unless tkn
msg.send "Twilio token isn't set."
msg.send "Please set the HUBOT_SMS_TOKEN environment variable."
unless from
msg.send "Twilio from number isn't set."
msg.send "Please set the HUBOT_SMS_FROM environment variable."
.header("Authorization", auth)
.header("Content-Type", "application/x-www-form-urlencoded")
.post(data) (err, res, body) ->
json = JSON.parse body
switch res.statusCode
when 201
msg.send "Sent sms to #{to}"
when 400
msg.send "Failed to send. #{json.message}"
msg.send "Failed to send."
notify = (username, msg) ->
notifies = []
console.error "Going notify #{username}"
if username == "all" or username == "everyone"
for username, apikey of
unless username.toLowerCase() ==
notifies.push apikey
else if apikey =[username.toLowerCase()]
notifies.push apikey
for notifier in notifies
[protocol, apikey...] = notifier.split(':')
apikey = apikey.join('')
msg.send("Notified #{protocol} by #{apikey}")
switch protocol
when "prowl"
notification = new Prowl.connection(apikey)
application: 'RoQua Hubot'
event: 'Mention'
description: msg.message.text
when "sms"
console.error "Sending sms"
sendSms apikey, msg
when "nma"
params =
apikey: apikey
application: "Hubot"
event: "Mention"
description: msg.message.text
.get() (err, res, body) ->
checkIfOffline = (user, callback) ->
if process.env.HUBOT_HIPCHAT_TOKEN
options =
host: ""
port: 443
path: "/v1/users/show?"+QS.stringify({
method: "GET"
req = https.request options, (res) ->
res.on "data", (data) ->
userData = JSON.parse(data.toString())
callback null, userData.user.status=="offline"
res.on "error", (err) ->
callback err
callback null, true
robot.hear /@(\w+)/i, (msg) ->
sender =
mentionedUserName = msg.match[1].toLowerCase()
if mentionedUserName == "all" or mentionedUserName == "everyone"
notify "all", msg
msg.send "All notified!"
for userId, user of robot.brain.users
if user.mention_name==mentionedUserName
mentionedUserId = userId
theUser = user
if not mentionedUserId?
checkIfOffline theUser, (err, offline) ->
if err
throw err
else if offline
notify username, msg
robot.respond /do not notify me/i, (msg) ->
msg.send "OK"
robot.respond /notify me by prowl with (\w+)/i, (msg) ->
apikey = msg.match[1].toLowerCase() ?= {}[] = "prowl:#{apikey}"
msg.send "OK"
robot.respond /notify me by nma with (\w+)/i, (msg) ->
apikey = msg.match[1].toLowerCase() ?= {}[] = "nma:#{apikey}"
msg.send "OK"
robot.respond /notify me by sms with (\d+)/i, (msg) ->
number = msg.match[1].toLowerCase() ?= {}[] = "sms:#{number}"
msg.send "OK"
robot.respond /list notifiers/i, (msg) ->
for username, apikey of
msg.send("I notify #{username} with #{apikey}")