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# Description:
# Look up npm package versions
# Dependencies:
# "htmlparser": "1.7.6"
# "soupselect": "0.2.0"
# Configuration:
# None
# Commands:
# hubot npm version <package name> - returns npm package version if it exists
# Author:
# redhotvengeance
HtmlParser = require "htmlparser"
Select = require("soupselect").select
module.exports = (robot) ->
robot.respond /npm version (.*)/i, (msg) ->
packageName = escape(msg.match[1])
msg.http("{packageName}").get() (err, res, body) ->
if err
msg.send "I tried talking to, but it seems to be ignoring me."
if res.statusCode is 200
handler = new HtmlParser.DefaultHandler()
parser = new HtmlParser.Parser handler
parser.parseComplete body
metaData = Select(handler.dom, ".metadata")
versionString = metaData[0].children[3].children[3].children[1].children[0].data.toString()
versionArray = versionString.match(/([0-9.])/ig)
version = ''
for digit in versionArray then do (digit) =>
version += digit
msg.send "It looks like #{packageName} is at version #{version}."
msg.send "It looks like #{packageName} doesn't exist."
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