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# Description:
# An interface with the Scalr API's, namely for executing a deploy and a cache flush script
# Dependencies:
# None
# Configuration:
# SCALR_API_KEY = Scalr API key
# SCALR_SECRET_KEY = Scalr secret key
# SCALR_FARM_NAME = Scalr Farm name
# SCALR_ROLE_NAME = Scalr role to execute the scripts on
# SCALR_DEPLOY_SCRIPT = Name of the Deploy script.
# SCALR_FLUSH_CACHE_SCRIPT = Name of the Cache Flush script.
# Commands:
# hubot deploy - executes the deploy script, defined via ENV Var "SCALR_DEPLOY_SCRIPT"
# hubot flush [the ]cache - executes the cache flush script, defined via ENV Var "SCALR_FLUSH_CACHE_SCRIPT"
# Author:
success_message = [
'The script train has left the station.',
'Script being executed as we speak.',
'The eagle has left the nest.',
'Hold your breath, scripts are running.',
scalr_script_executer = ""
config_check = ->
failure = (
!process.env.SCALR_API_KEY ||
!process.env.SCALR_SECRET_KEY ||
!process.env.SCALR_FARM_NAME ||
!process.env.SCALR_ROLE_NAME ||
!process.env.SCALR_DEPLOY_SCRIPT ||
if failure
msg.send "I don't think you have configured your ENV vars right... Sort it out, man."
run_script = (script_name, msg) ->
api_key: process.env.SCALR_API_KEY,
secret_key: process.env.SCALR_SECRET_KEY,
farm_name: process.env.SCALR_FARM_NAME,
role_name: process.env.SCALR_ROLE_NAME,
script_name: script_name,
.post() (err, res, body) ->
response = JSON.parse(body)
if response.result
msg.send msg.random success_message
msg.send "I couldn't get a positive response from #{scalr_script_executer}... SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT ON THAT END."
module.exports = (robot) ->
robot.respond /flush (the |)cache/i, (msg) ->
if !config_check
msg.send "Cache flush initialized..."
run_script process.env.SCALR_FLUSH_CACHE_SCRIPT, msg
robot.respond /deploy/i, (msg) ->
if !config_check
msg.send "Deploy initialized..."
run_script process.env.SCALR_DEPLOY_SCRIPT, msg