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# Description:
# Load scripts from the hubot scripts directory on the fly for testing purposes
# Dependencies:
# None
# Configuration:
# None
# Commands:
# hubot script load <script> - Load a script
# hubot script list [-l] - List all availiable scripts (optional -l for list mode)
# hubot script info <script> - Print script help
# Author:
# unitio
Path = require 'path'
Fs = require 'fs'
module.exports = (robot) ->
# Private: Print help for a script
printHelp = (script, msg) ->
path = Path.resolve('node_modules', 'hubot-scripts', 'src', 'scripts')
# Call parseHelp on tmpRobot with custom array push, so we can capture the
# commands as they are added, there's no other way to access the populated
# commands array.
tmpRobot =
debug: (debug_msg)->
documentation: {}
push: (command) ->
msg.send(command), Path.join path, "#{script}.coffee")
# Load a script
robot.respond /script load (.*)$/i, (msg) ->
script = msg.match[1]
scriptPath = require.resolve(Path.resolve('node_modules', 'hubot-scripts', 'src', 'scripts', script))
printHelp(script, msg)
robot.loadFile(Path.dirname(scriptPath), Path.basename(scriptPath))
# List all available scripts
robot.respond /script list\s?(-l)?/i, (msg) ->
Fs.readdir Path.resolve('node_modules', 'hubot-scripts', 'src', 'scripts'), (err, files) ->
msg.send 'An error occurred' if err
listMode = msg.match[1]?
scripts = for file in files
Path.basename(file, '.coffee')
if listMode
msg.send scripts.join('\n')
msg.send scripts.join(', ')
# Print script help
robot.respond /script info (.*)/i, (msg) ->
script = msg.match[1]
printHelp(script, msg)