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# Description:
# Get a snow report from
# Dependencies:
# "xml2js": "0.1.14"
# Configuration:
# None
# Commands:
# hubot snow in <two letter state name> - Displays resort info for a state, .e.g., snow in CO
# hubot snow at <resort>, <two letter state name> - Displays info for a single resort
# Author:
# rwc9u
xml2js = require('xml2js')
states =
'ak': 'alaska'
'az': 'arizona'
'ca': 'california'
'co': 'colorado'
'ct': 'connecticut'
'id': 'idaho'
'il': 'illinois'
'in': 'indiana'
'ia': 'iowa'
'me': 'maine'
'md': 'maryland'
'ma': 'massachusetts'
'mi': 'michigan'
'mn': 'minnesota'
'mo': 'missouri'
'mt': 'montana'
'nv': 'nevada'
'nh': 'new-hampshire'
'nj': 'new-jersey'
'nm': 'new-mexico'
'ny': 'new-york'
'nc': 'north-carolina'
'oh': 'ohio'
'or': 'oregon'
'pa': 'pennsylvania'
'sd': 'south-dakota'
'tn': 'tennessee'
'ut': 'utah'
'vt': 'vermont'
'va': 'virginia'
'wa': 'washington'
'wv': 'west-virginia'
'wi': 'wisconsin'
'wy': 'wyoming'
module.exports = (robot) ->
robot.respond /snow in (\w+)$/i, (msg) ->
snow_report(msg, msg.match[1], null)
robot.respond /snow at (.+), (\w+)$/i, (msg) ->
snow_report(msg, msg.match[2], msg.match[1])
snow_report = (msg, state, resort) ->
state_full = states[state.toLowerCase()]
if !state_full
msg.send "Sorry bro, #{state} isn't a legit state or there are no resorts there!"
get_snow_report = (msg, url, resort) ->
.get() (err, res, body) ->
if res.statusCode is 301
get_snow_report msg, res.headers.location, resort
else if res.statusCode is 404
msg.send "Couldn't find that location."
parser = new xml2js.Parser()
parser.parseString body, (err, result) ->
if err
msg.send "Got: #{err}"
output = ""
for area in
if resort? and resort.toLowerCase() == area.title.toLowerCase()
output = "#{area.title} - #{area.description}"
output += "#{area.title} - #{area.description}\n" unless resort?
msg.send output