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# Overlay funny things on people's faces
# hipster me <img> - Overlay hipster glasses on a face.
# clown me <img> - Overlay a clown nose on a face.
# scumbag me <img> - Overlay a scumbag on a face.
# jason me <img> - Overlay a jason on a face.
module.exports = (robot) ->
robot.respond /(hipster|clown|scumbag|rohan|jason)( me)? (.*)/i, (msg) ->
type = msg.match[1]
imagery = msg.match[3]
if imagery.match /^https?:\/\//i
msg.send "{type}&src=#{imagery}"
imageMe msg, imagery, (url) ->
msg.send "{type}&src=#{url}"
imageMe = (msg, query, cb) ->
.query(v: "1.0", rsz: '8', q: query)
.get() (err, res, body) ->
images = JSON.parse(body)
images = images.responseData.results
image = msg.random images
cb "#{image.unescapedUrl}"
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