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# Dictionary definitions with the Wordnik API. You'll need an API key from
# define me <word> - Grabs a dictionary definition of a word.
# pronounce me <word> - Links to a pronunciation of a word.
# spell me <word> - Suggests correct spellings of a possible word.
module.exports = (robot) ->
# Word definition
robot.respond /define( me)? (.*)/i, (msg) ->
word = msg.match[2]
fetch_wordnik_resource(msg, word, 'definitions', {}) (err, res, body) ->
definitions = JSON.parse(body)
if definitions.length == 0
msg.send "No definitions for \"#{word}\" found."
reply = "Definitions for \"#{word}\":\n"
lastSpeechType = null
definitions = definitions.forEach (def) ->
# Show the part of speech (noun, verb, etc.) when it changes
if def.partOfSpeech != lastSpeechType
reply += " (#{def.partOfSpeech})\n" if def.partOfSpeech != undefined
# Track the part of speech
lastSpeechType = def.partOfSpeech
# Add the definition
reply += " - #{def.text}\n"
msg.send reply
# Pronunciation
robot.respond /(pronounce|enunciate)( me)? (.*)/i, (msg) ->
word = msg.match[3]
fetch_wordnik_resource(msg, word, 'audio', {}) (err, res, body) ->
pronunciations = JSON.parse(body)
if pronunciations.length == 0
msg.send "No pronounciation for \"#{word}\" found."
pronunciation = pronunciations[0]
msg.send pronunciation.fileUrl
robot.respond /spell(?: me)? (.*)/i, (msg) ->
word = msg.match[1]
fetch_wordnik_resource(msg, word, '', {includeSuggestions: 'true'}) (err, res, body) ->
wordinfo = JSON.parse(body)
if wordinfo.canonicalForm
msg.send "\"#{word}\" is a word."
else if not wordinfo.suggestions
msg.send "No suggestions for \"#{word}\" found."
list = wordinfo.suggestions.join(', ')
msg.send "Suggestions for \"#{word}\": #{list}"
fetch_wordnik_resource = (msg, word, resource, query, callback) ->
if process.env.WORDNIK_API_KEY == undefined
msg.send "Missing WORDNIK_API_KEY env variable."
.header('api_key', process.env.WORDNIK_API_KEY)
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