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# Show open issues from a Github repository.
# You need to set the following variable:
# HUBOT_GITHUB_TOKEN = "<oauth token>"
# You may optionally set the following variables:
# HUBOT_GITHUB_USER = "<default user/org name>"
# HUBOT_GITHUB_REPO = "<default repo>"
# HUBOT_GITHUB_USER_(.*) = "<GitHub username for matching chat handle>"
# If HUBOT_GITHUB_USER is set, you can ask `show me issues for hubot` instead
# of `show me issues for github/hubot`.
# If HUBOT_GITHUB_REPO is set, you can ask `show me issues` instead of `show
# me issues for github/hubot`.
# If, for example, HUBOT_GITHUB_USER_JOHN is set to GitHub user login
# 'johndoe1', you can ask `show john's issues` instead of `show johndoe1's
# issues`. This is useful for mapping chat handles to GitHub logins.
# show [me] [<limit> [of]] [<assignee>'s|my] [<label>] issues [for <user/repo>] [about <query>] -- Shows open GitHub issues for repo.
_ = require("underscore")
_s = require("underscore.string")
show\s # Start's with 'show'
(me)?\s* # Optional 'me'
(\d+|\d+\sof)?\s* # 'N of' -- 'of' is optional but ambiguous unless assignee is named
(\S+'s|my)?\s* # Assignee's name or 'my'
(\S+)?\s* # Optional label name
issues\s* # 'issues'
(for\s\S+)?\s* # Optional 'for <repo>'
(about\s.+)? # Optional 'about <query>'
# Given the text sent to robot.respond (e.g. 'hubot show me...'), parse the
# criteria used for filtering issues.
parse_criteria = (message) ->
[me, limit, assignee, label, repo, query] = message.match(ASK_REGEX)[1..]
me: me,
limit: parseInt limit.replace(" of", "") if limit?,
assignee: assignee.replace("'s", "") if assignee?,
label: label,
repo: repo.replace("for ", "") if repo?,
query: query.replace("about ", "") if query?
# Filter the issue list by criteria; most of the filtering is handled as part
# of the Issues API, but limit and query paramaters are not part of the API.
filter_issues = (issues, {limit, query}) ->
if query?
issues = _.filter issues, (i) -> _.any [i.body, i.title], (s) -> _s.include s.toLowerCase(), query.toLowerCase()
if limit?
issues = _.first issues, limit
# Resolve assignee name to a potential GitHub username using sender
# information and/or environment variables.
complete_assignee = (msg, name) ->
name = if name is "my"
name = name.replace("@", "")
# Try resolving the name to a GitHub username using full, then first name:
resolve = (n) -> process.env["HUBOT_GITHUB_USER_#{n.replace(/\s/g, '_').toUpperCase()}"]
resolve(name) or resolve(name.split(' ')[0]) or name
module.exports = (robot) ->
github = require("githubot")(robot)
robot.respond ASK_REGEX, (msg) ->
criteria = parse_criteria msg.message.text
criteria.repo = github.qualified_repo criteria.repo
criteria.assignee = complete_assignee msg, criteria.assignee if criteria.assignee?
query_params = state: "open", sort: "created"
query_params.labels = criteria.label if criteria.label?
query_params.assignee = criteria.assignee if criteria.assignee?
github.get "{criteria.repo}/issues", (issues) ->
issues = filter_issues issues, criteria
if _.isEmpty issues
msg.send "No issues found."
for issue in issues
labels = ("##{}" for label in issue.labels).join(" ")
assignee = if issue.assignee then " (#{issue.assignee.login})" else ""
msg.send "[#{issue.number}] #{issue.title} #{labels}#{assignee} = #{issue.html_url}"
# require('../../test/scripts/github-issues_test').test parse_criteria
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