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Split error checks for more specific error messages

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1 parent 2a9f7dd commit 637a4340baf80cb30741de5b1b213063c2056217 @carmstrong carmstrong committed Dec 15, 2012
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7 src/scripts/
@@ -26,8 +26,13 @@ module.exports = (robot) ->
if not cardName.length
msg.send "You must give the card a name"
+ if not process.env.HUBOT_TRELLO_KEY
+ msg.send "Error: Trello app key is not specified"
+ if not process.env.HUBOT_TRELLO_TOKEN
+ msg.send "Error: Trello token is not specified"
+ if not process.env.HUBOT_TRELLO_LIST
+ msg.send "Error: Trello list ID is not specified"
if not (process.env.HUBOT_TRELLO_KEY and process.env.HUBOT_TRELLO_TOKEN and process.env.HUBOT_TRELLO_LIST)
- msg.send "Please sepcify your Trello key, token, and list as environment variables"
createCard msg, cardName

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